W3 total cache Plugin Install and Configuration for your Website

W3 total cache Plugin Install and Configuration for your Website

W3 total cache settings 2019

W3 Total cache : – Users always comments and ask how to increase the loading speed of the blogs or website. This is a big problem for all bloggers. If you have bought good hosting, used the best template, coding well, but the website loading is slow then everything is useless. Like: – The woman is very beautiful, has full makeup but if she is dumb, everything is useless. In order to improve the loading speed of the side, we use the W3 Total Cache plugin.

Loading speed of website is very important factor. If a visitor searches a keyword by going in search, then he will get many related websites, but he will visit the same website, whose website has good loading speed? No matter how well written the content is, it does not matter.

If your website takes more time in loading then your website will not be able to rank in Google. Visitors will not like to visit your side.

Google likes Faster loading website only. To get high rank in search engine, your website will have to make loading faster, and then your side will also come on top rank, which will benefit you a lot. For Example:-

  • Get organic traffic regularly.
  • DA (Domain Authority) will increase.
  • Visitors will like your side a lot. And on the side on which visitors visit more, Google puts that side on the top rank.

To reduce the loading speed of the website, the page has to be optimized properly, only then loading will take less time. There are many online plugins available to improve loading speed, such as – WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache pro, WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache.

In this post, we will know how to install and setup the W3 Total cache plugin.

What is W3 total cache plugin

W3 Total cache is a tool, which help to improve your server performance, caching every aspect of your side and reduce the download times and provide the transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. It improves the SEO and user experience of your website by increasing website performance.

We all want our website to be fast loading. But unfortunately this does not happen because there are many reasons for this which affects it. Every blogger or website owner wants to know the secret tips of fast loading website.

These are three factors whose solution can increase the loading speed of any website by searching: –

  • Good web hoisting.
  • Well Coding (CSS, HTML etc).
  • Use proper catching .

W3 total cache pro plugin is available in free or premium in both versions.

There are many options in this plugin which reduces the minimization of your side, which increases the loading speed of the side. Which gives us a good ranking in the search engine.

This plugin is so beneficial, it should be installed. Before installing this plugin, you should compare the loading speed of your website and after the plugin is installed, check the loading speed, you will feel the difference. I am telling some tools so that you can check website speed:

Find the below chart of loading speed of my website.

W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger

How to setup and configure w3 cache

This plugin installation is very easy. You can install directly from www.wordPress.org or you can do it by going to the WordPress admin panel.

Remember that before installing this plugin; remove any other plugin related to it.

Now go to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugin Menu=>>add New. And go to search option and type W3 Total Cache.

W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger

Now click on install now button and wait until install, when done click on activate button.

And thus this plugin is installed. Now you will see the Performance button on the dashboard and you will have to make all the important settings by clicking there, only then your side performance will improve.

General settings

Now you go to the right side of the admin panel dashboard of WordPress, you will get the performance button and click on General Settings. In this, the first option comes Page Cache whose setting is as follows:

What is Page Cache?

Here we see first option Page Cache; it is a most responsible for loading all static cache pages for each page. You can understand by diagram that how actually page cache works for me

Page Cache: Enable

Page Cache Method: Disk Enhanced

W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger

W3 total cache minify settings

See below full explanations’:-
When any visitor come to your side and visit your side a give query then at once WordPress runs PHP scripts and MySQL queries to the database to find out requested page, then PHP parses the data and generate a page according to the result. During this process takes server resources. Having the page caching turned on and allow you to skip that entire server load and show a cache copy of the page when visitors request it. In this setting your Disk space increases it is highly recommended. You should check the Enable Page Cache box, and save all settings.

W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger

Minify: – Minify Settings contains CSS, HTML and JavaScript files located in your website, it compresses those files, so that your website takes less time to load. Enable it and save it.

W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger August 15, 2019 by admin Leave a Comment (Edit)

Opcode Cache: – Do not change this option leave as it.

Database cache and Object cache: – In this option, we have to enable both the option of Database cache and Object cache.

If we enable Database cache, then the website’s post and page will reduce the loading time and the page will load quickly.

We also need to enable Object cache only when other common less easily will load.

Database cache: Enable

Object cache : Enable

Browser cache: – The browser cache reduces the loading time of your web server and reduces the browser response time, so that your website can load in less than 1 second. Therefore, this option has to be enabled.

Browser Cache :- Enable

CDN: – CDN is very good; in this you should setup and configure your website. This reduces your static files and increases the loading time of the website. Enable CDN setup.

W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger

Reverse Proxy: – Enable it.

Fragement Cache: – Disk


W3 total cache pro WordPress plugin how we configure for blogger

Debug mode: – Leave it disable.

Import/Export Setting:- Leave it disable.

Page Cache Setting

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