how to fix broken links on wordpress website-pxxstory

how to fix broken links on wordpress website-pxxstory

How to Fix Broken Links : Introduction:- If you click on a website link for searching important information but after clicking you get “404 errors and page not found”, then how you feel about this site, I think very shameful.  That is broken links. It is also known as Dead link.

This link create a bad user experience for visitors and Google search engine, users understand him that this website is not good for anyone. In the medium of this article we will show that how we know about broken link and check them and prevent it.

It effect my SEO, so how we can improve it. If once Google search crawler (I think Google panda) tick your then you do more flexible SEO although your site not show in the Google search.

What is Broken Link?

It is also known as Dead link. If you open any site link & get “404 error or page not found” i.e.  Broken link.  Actually broken link no any website link because after open this link you get “404 errors or page not found”. That means it created by wrongly. We can says this link appear deleted this link or remove from website content.

Now this link is not usable for you. It is useless.  When visitors come to your website and click link and he gets 404 errors or page not found, then he leave your site immediately.

Read =>> W3 total cache setup 

If a link that is not present on the web page or has been deleted, then the 404 note found fault or if it does not work then it is called Broken Link or Dead Link. We can also called Broken Links on Dead Link or 404 not found.

In this post we talk about why your side may have broken links and what problem this can cause in this post?

How Broken Links effect SEO in your WordPress site?

It gets Negative Affect SEO due to broken links. When Google crawler doing indexing your content also he get 404 errors then it leave your content or delete their search result. if we see for SEO  all are think this types of link is spam or no any website available, it is bad experience for Google search . Once search engine remove your side from their search result then he did not indexing and crawling twice. If dead link available in your website then Google spider stop crawling and indexing your side immediately.

How Broken Links create in your WordPress site?

How broken links create itself, I know through this paragraphs. You know it is related to blogs, then obviously created by a blogger, but when any which situations.

There are many reasons to creation of Broken link although I explain some few points:-

When blogger publish their articles and add/edit internal or external link for the SEO view on their blogs this time he type wrong link that link create a broken links.

If you a big blogger and many comments come from visitors sometimes it converted broken link.

By mistake type wrong spelling during interlinking. And after publishing a articles afterward delete article it happen a broken links.

How to check Broken Links available in your WordPress site?

There are many online tools available for checking broken links. But below are some few website that check your websites broken links:-

Broken Link Checker 5 Free Online Tools:

Above mentioned website for broken link checking this sites at once check your website provide result regarding broken link. Anyone check their websites broken link, open any one website and enter their website name. You can check broken link availability own site to enter blogs name by above mentioned side one by one site.

How to fix Broken Links in WordPress site?

We can fix broken link in two ways: – Manually and by plugin method.

Go to related website and remove broken link one by one.

What is Broken Link and how we remove from websites

How we can fix broken link it is an easy process although we can fix by manually. But first how can recognise it. By install WordPress plugin we can do smoothly. For this process go to WordPress admin panel and Plugin=> Add New and search option type: Broken link checker plugin. Select Broken Link checker plugin and click install now after installation again click activate. Now broken link checker plugin installed in your website then configure this plugin to complete their formalities for example: your email address, your blogs name etc. Now when any broken link get this plugin it automatically sent their link to registered email address and you can easily fix it, also it provide many fixing option too.  Click on broken link you provide many option to fix the broken link, for example:-

Unline, Edit URL, Recheck, Fix redirect and Update etc.

But you should update not unline.

If you want to get rid of a 404 link error or page not found error, then update it no unline if you do not do it.

We highly recommended you suggest to all bloggers to always use update not unline because if you do update then your blog quality be the same otherwise it will be changed.

Broken links remover plugin wordpress

If you are looking a plugin that checks the automatic broken link and inform us by email, you will have to install the WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin.

Activate this plugin and go to dashboard and Tools> and Broken Link.

It is a free tool for search broken link, this plugin automatic work and provides much option for fix broken link.

Along with the WordPress plugin broken links, it also shows the status code along with it, so you will be able to find out that you have to unlink this link, update it, or make a direct fix, or about it Do not take any action. If you also update unline instead of getting rid of broken links, it will be better for you.

You can configure many more settings besides this. I will suggest you go to “Look For Links In” and check comments section and in the “General” tab, you can prevent search engine bots from following your broken links. I highly recommend you to set this option.

Either you remove the Broken link by going to the Google Webmaster Tools Crawl option.

How to resolve Broken Link errors & why in WordPress

You already learn that broken link a very bad for my blogs health; it highly affected my visitors and SEO. Visitors at once leave my blogs Googlebot crawler stop crawling & indexing my site and bad experience create them; remove my blogs from search results. To prevent broken link and enhance for blogs ranking in Google search then you should fix broken link at once. You should check every week broken link in your blogs. You should check your email regularly because broken link checker plugin inform you by email. You can also fix the broken link error through

Xenu Link Sleuth, it is free tools. First you install Xenu software and open it and go to tool, go to file and check URL and enter your websites domain name it automatically checked and fixed it.

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