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Weekly Current affairs May 2019 GK Quiz and answers

Weekly Current affairs May 2019 GK

Q1, Recently, National Technology Day 2019 was celebrated?
a)5 May
b)May 8
c)11th May
d)May 19
Ans: – (c) 11th May

Q2, recently Ajay Mehta was chosen as the new Chief Secretary of which state?
d)Jummu K
Ans: – (b) Maharashtra

Q3, who recently approved the Dengu fever vaccine?
c)Food and Drug Administration
d)The President
Ans: (c) Food and Drug Administration

Q4, Recently, Thopil Mohammed Miran has died , who were he?
a) Politician
b) Singer
c) novelist
d) Terrorists
Ans: – (c) Novelist

Q.5, Which Actress was recently honored with the Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Award?
a) Madhubala
b) Anne Hathaway
c) Suraiya
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Anne Hathaway

Q.6, which country did the agreement with Konkan Railway Corporation recently?
a) China
b) Bangladesh
c) Nepal
d) Pakistan
Ans: – (c) Nepal

Q.7, who recently became the second country to declare climate emergency?
a) Australia
b) Bolivia
c) Ireland
d) Other
Ans: – (c) Ireland (first country was Britann)

Q.8, when was the World Migratory Bird Day celebrated?
a) May 10
b) May 11
c) May 12
d) May 13
Ans: – (b) May 11

Q.9, who was appointed the President of the United Nations General Assembly recently?
a) Entenio gutters
b) Mohamad Bande
c) Underneath govers
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Mohammed Bande

Q.10, which country did UNDP recently declare the hotspot of the rate mining?
a) Nepal
b) Bangladesh
c) China
d) India
Ans: – (d) India

Q.11, Mrinal Mukherjee recently died, who was he?
a) Singer
b) Leader
c) Actor
d) Social reformer
Ans: – (c) Actor

Q12 What is the full form of UNDP?
Ans: – United Nations Development Program

Q13, who was recently appointed as a member of CSAT?
a) Neil Portov
b) KS Radhakrishnan
c) Deborah Dung
c) None of these
Ans: – (b) KS Radhakrishnan

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Q14, which country recently unveiled the Global Health Protection Strategy?
a) China
b) Sri Lanka
c) America
d) Russia
Ans: (c) America

Q15, in which country was the first brown bear found for the first time?
a) Nigeria
b) Portugal
c) Africa
d) Lisbon
Ans: – (b) Portugal

Q16, who was recently handed over the command of Air Force Station Faridabad?
a) Kaushik Das
b) Chandrasekhar Bhatt
c) Karmbir Singh
d) Vipin Raut
Ans: (b) Chandrasekhar Bhatt

Q17, where the United Nations Convention 2020 will be held?
a) London
b) Parish
c) Lisbon
d) Beijing
Ans πŸ™ c) Lisbon

Q18, recently Balchandra YV was created as COO of which bank?
a) SBI
c) Karnataka Bank
d) ICICI Bank
Ans: -c) Karnataka Bank

Q19, where was the most recent bullet train tested in the world?
a) China
b) Japan
c) India
d) Germany
Ans: – (b) Japan

Q20, Recently, when was the International Nursing Day celebrated?
a) 5 May
b) May 8
c) May 12
d) May 19
Ans :- (c) May 12

Q21, in which state, the state-based presence in all government offices made mandatory?
a) Telangana
b) Kerala
c) Chhattisgarh
d) Rajasthan
Ans: – (b) Kerala

Q22, who was recently made the coach of the Indian football team?
a) Zoran Wizic
b) Veer Singh
c) Igor Stimek
d) Other
Ans: – (c) Igor Stimek

Q23, who recently released the first female cricket magazine, Criczone, for the first time in the world?
a) Smruti Mandhana
b) Mitali Raj
c) Sana Dua
d) Other
Ans :- (a) Smruti Mandhana

Q24, Hiralal Yadav died recently, who was he?
a) Leader
b) Singer
c) Consultant
d) Writer
Ans :- (b) Singer

Q25, who recently received the McCain Institute Award?
a) KS Radhakrishnan
b) Mrinali Aurora
c) Chhaya Sharma
d) Other
Ans :- (c) Chhaya Sharma

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Q26, India recently made Subhash Chandra the ambassador of which country?
a) Japan
b) Nepal
c) Eritrea
d) Other
Ans πŸ™ c) Eritrea

Q27, where did the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization begin recently?
a) Mumbai
b) Kolkata
c) New Delhi
d) bangalore
Ans πŸ™ c) New Delhi

Q28, which team was recently win the IPL 2019?
a) CKK
b) Mumbai Indians
c) KKR
d) Other
Ans: (b) Mumbai Indians

Q29, Who is the highest wicket-taker in ODI cricket?
a) Mitali Raj
b) Jhulan Goswami
c) Sana Mir
d) Other
Ans: (c) Sana Mir

Q30, where was the inauguration of the Yuvika 2019 recently?
a) Mumbai
b) Chennai
c) Bengaluru
d) New Delhi
Ans πŸ™ c) Bengaluru

Q31, with whom did Doordarshan launch Smarik Store recently?
a) Amazon
b) Flipkart
c) Snapdeal
d) Mantra
Ans :- (a) Amazon

Q32, where did India’s first unmanned substation start recently?
a) Bengaluru
b) Chennai
c) Mumbai
d) Delhi
Ans :- (b) Chennai

Q33, who became the first Indian woman to make the ICC match referee recently?
a) Sana Mir
b) Jhulan Goswami
c) GS Lakshmi
d) Manu Arora
Ans πŸ™ c) GS Lakshmi

Q34, who was recently appointed the new CEO of LIC Mutual Fund?
a) KS Radhakrishnan
b) Sana Mir
c) Dinesh Pagetai
d) Other
Ans πŸ™ c) Dinesh Pagetai

Q35, where did the Cannes Film Festival begin recently?
a) Dubai
b) Doha
c) France
d) Other
Ans πŸ™ c) France

Q37, who recently won Asia Pacific Diamond Cup 2019?
a) Rahil Gangjee
b) Yosuke Ashaji
c) Viraj Manappa
d) Other
Ans :- (b) Yosuke Ashaji

Q38, which recently the RBI imposed a penalty of Rs 10 million on which bank?
a) Punjab National Bank
b) Nainital Bank
c) Yes Bank
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Nainital Bank

Q 36, What is the full form of Q36, DRDO?
Ans: – Defense Research and Development Organization

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Q37, who recently won Asia Pacific Diamond Cup 2019?
a) Rahil Gangjee
b) Yosuke Ashaji
c) Viraj Manappa
d) Other
Ans :- (b) Yosuke Ashaji

Q38, which recently the RBI imposed a penalty of Rs 10 million on which bank?
a) Punjab National Bank
b) Nainital Bank
c) Yes Bank
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Nainital Bank

Q39, who recently won the International Cricket of the Year award in CCR International Awards?
a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
b) Virat Kohli
c) Shikhar Dhawan
d) Other
Ans :- (b) Virat Kohli

Q40, which city was declared the most expensive in the Mint Globetrator index recently?
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Victoria
d) Bengaluru
Ans: – (c) Victoria

Q41, which recently shared with NMCG for Rudraksh tree plantation in Ganga basin?
a) Microsoft
b) Google
c) HCL
d) Tata
Ans πŸ™ c) HCL

Q42, where did the Indian Navy inaugurate the first full-level SSB?
a) Mumbai
b) Delhi
c) Kolkata
d) Other
Ans πŸ™ c) Kolkata

Q43, recently in which state did Maruti Suzuki establish skill training center?
a) Maharashtra
b) Haryana
c) Gujarat
d) West Bengal
Ans :- (c) Gujarat

Q44, who recently appointed the RBI to the Yash Bank Board?
a) Shadow Sharma
b) Dinesh Pagatti
c) R. Gandhi
d) Other
Ans: – (c) R. Gandhi

Q45, who was recently appointed as the Chairman of the News Broadcasting Standards Authority?
a) Balwant Rai
b) AK Sikri
c) Ramesh Joshi
d) Other
Ans :- (b) AK Sikri

Q46, who will host the International Army Games recently?
a) Delhi
b) Bangalore
c) Jaisalmer
d) Mumbai
Ans πŸ™ c) Jaisalmer

Q47, where was the recently held WTO Ministerial meeting of developing countries?
Ans: – New Delhi


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