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USA facts and information: American HIstory and facts
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USA facts and information: American History and facts

USA facts and information

USA facts: America is a country of continent North America. We knew as at different names as Nai duniya, United States of America, USA and America.
Washington D.C is the Federal capital of America.
Here we will learn about America.

USA facts for students

USA facts:

The discovery of America was first made by Christopher Columbus. When Christopher Columbus stepped on this earth in 1492, he named it Nai Duniya. America got independent from Great Britain. They got independence on July 4, 1776.

Thomas Penn was a revolutionary author and inventor who named America. Prior to independence, there were 13 states in the Americas, but after independence 50 states became. The Constitution of America applies to the Articles of Confederation of 21 June 1788.

The US capital, Washington, D.C., was settled in the year 1800. Prior to this, the US capital was New York City and Philadelphia.

Country Name United States of America
Capital Washington D.C.
Continent North America
Discover By Christopher Columbus
Independent  Great Britain
Got Freedom  4th July 1776
Constitution Appeal 21 June 1788
National & Official Language  English
The largest city  New York
Currency  US Dollar USD
Inhabitants  American

America is a country. There are a total of 50 states inclusive of all the smallest. And there are 5 Union Territories.
In the east of America, Canada is the Bering Strait and Russia in the west and landed in the US and South America in the south.
America was British colonialism. The American Revolution took birth in the 16th century after the French and Indian War. And these battles lasted from 1775 to 1783.
The independence of America was announced in 1776.
In 1788, the American Constitution came into force, which is called the Bill of Rights.
The nomination of United States of America was announced by John Dickinson on 17 June 1776 in Articles of Confederation.

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