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Top current affairs Quiz 9 April 2019



You will be preparing for any upcoming exams. Top current affairs quiz 9 april 2019 will prove to be very helpful for you. Top current affairs quiz 9 april 2019 I have prepared the selected question and their answer.

Q.1, when we celebrated World Health Day?

a) April 5

b) April 6

c) April 7

d) 8th April

Ans: – (c) April 7


Q.2, when we celebrated  International Women’s Day?

a) March 8

b) March 12

c) March 15

d) March 31

Ans: – (a) March 8


Q.3, Recently Indra Nooyi joined the board of directors of which E-commerce company?

a) Flipkart

b) Alibaba

c) Amazon

d) Ebay

Ans: – (c) Amazon


Q.4, who is Indra Nooyi?

Ans: – Pepsi Company CEO


Q.5, what is the African Lion 2019?

a) Military practice of India and America

b) Military practice of Morocco and US

c) China and Pakistan military exercises

d) None

Ans: – (b) Military practice of Morocco and the US.


Q.6, Where is the capital of Morocco?

Ans: – Rabat






Q.7, what is the currency of Morocco?

Ans: – Morocco Dirham


Q.8, who is the current Prime Minister of Morocco?

Ans: – Saadeddine Othmani


Q.9, where is the world’s largest e-waste recycling hub opened?

  1. a) Japan
  2. b) Dubai
  3. c) France
  4. d) India

Ans: – (b) Dubai


Q.10, recently selected for Graham Reid?

  1. a) coach of women’s hockey team
  2. b) Chief coach of the men’s hockey team
  3. c) Members of the Cricket Club
  4. d) None

Ans: – (b) Chief coach of the men’s hockey team


Q.11, Graham Reed belongs from which Country?

Ans: – Australia


Q.12, who recently inaugurated the BAC conference?

  1. a) Narendra Modi
  2. b) Ramnath Kovid
  3. c) Nirmala Sitaraman
  4. d) Other

Ans: – (c) Nirmala Sitaraman


Q.13, who is the first female defense minister of independent India?

Ans: – Nirmala Sitaraman


Q.14, which country recently recalled 15 CRPF jawans?

  1. a) Venuswala
  2. b) Syria
  3. c) Tripoli
  4. d) Pakistan

Ans: (c) Tripoli

Explanation:- The Indian government had appointed the soldiers of these 15 CRPF for peace but now situation in Libya has become very serious, there is a condition like war.

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