Remove render-blocking JavaScript WordPress without plugin

Remove render-blocking JavaScript WordPress without plugin

Remove render-blocking JavaScript WordPress without plugin for blogs

Remove render-blocking JavaScript WordPress without plugin:- Today I was checking our post about renovation of old posts during this period we incidentally thought in my mind check your page speed. You know page speed a main ranking factor for your website or blogs. In this article we will learn how we can easily increase your website speed.

How we check page speed of your website or blogs.

There are many online tools available for checking page loading speed e.g. Pingdom tools, Gtmetrix, Gzip compression. But Google pagespeed insight is the best website checking tools. This also provides us a solution of your problems.
What is rendering blocking JavaScript?

As we know that a website make with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But we talking about WordPress, it is readymade framework. Means if you use WordPress then you should not use any HTML and JavaScript. WordPress is a collection of readymade themes and plugin. Using themes and plugin we can stylish and gave dynamic look in your website and these themes and plugin are made of JavaScript and CSS files that joint files front to end of your site. These scripts (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) increased your sites loading speed, because coding be a very is lightly. But sometimes these code block rendering your page.
When a user will have to load these scripts and CSS before loading rest of the HTML on the page. But if user have a slow internet connections will have to wait a few seconds more to view the content. These scripts and style sheets are known as render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.

What is Google Page Speed Insights score?

It is online websites performance optimization tools. Google Page speed tools owned by Google inc.It is free of cost service. This tool is introduced in 2010. You can easily optimize and test through this tools. Google Page speed insights test your site and find out errors and give suggest and give solution to ressolve the errors. This tools guide us for your website score. It also suggests that how can improve more pages loading speed.
What is your websites page score it depends upon on the number of rules that your site passes. Most of websites get scores somewhere between 50 to 70.
Some websites owners feel compelled to achieve 100 (the highest page score) uses many plugin and HTML codes. We already discuss above paragraph that Google Page Speed Insights is online tools, who helps and suggest optimizing and giving better performance to your website. It gives to better ideas to make a website speed faster and faster.
Why & how we remove or eliminate Render Blocking JavaScript?
Google Page Speed insights clear advice that renders blocking JavaScript and this reason your websites speed be very slow and it is a ranking factor. If we remove or eliminate render blocking JavaScript then we can improve my website loading speed faster. And it will improve your Google Page Speed Insights scores. It will improve your SEO and Google Search engines both. You can check Google Webmaster tools and provide us a suggestion too.