Akismet Plugin: What is it and How we setup for WordPress

Akismet Plugin: What is it and How we setup for WordPress

Akismet plugin:- When you create a blog on WordPress, you have to install a lot of plugins, because they all have different work. Such as – Email notification, social sharing, Broken link | It has another plugin named Akismet plugin. Whose work  is to filter out spam comments?

When you install WordPress, some plugins are already installed, which have to be activated, such as: – jetpack, Akismet Plugin and Hello Dolly etc.

You must have seen a lot of comments coming on your blogs and some spam comments will also be coming in it, which is very important to remove.

Internet is a full of scammers, everyone knows this. If you use internet regularly then you should know that here hackers keep looking down and he tracking you that where & which sites you visit. To prevent from Hackers, spammers always use safe internet surfing zone, similarly in WordPress blog is akismet plugins is the best for prevent spammers comments, visits and trackback & pingback comments.

What is Akismet Plugin?


Akis-met Comments is a spam filtering service. Through comments, the spam that attacks your site filters akismet, which you can delete later. Comments on your blogs and filter the spam that comes from pingback. Whenever someone makes repeated comments, Akismet considers it as spam and filters it as spammers.

If you do not setup akis-met, then you will be wasting a lot of time to remove the spam comment, you will have to remove it one by one.

Some people make repeated comments on your site to get backlinks to their site. Or some hackers also try to hack your site by making comments, which reduces the SEO score of your site. Spam Comments There is a lot of trouble for the health of your site.

How does Akismet Work

Akis-met launched on 25th October 2005 by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweng under the Automatic Company. The main aims to launch to filter spammers from your WordPress website e.g. spam comments, spam trackback and pingback etc. Akismet is available free and premium service means you can use paid or without paid service.

Akismet is a filter process (separation process)  who filter all spammers from your websites visit your website as a spammers from doing spam comments, trackback & pingback or Guest posting etc, but you should clever from these spammers and remove it. Akismet captured & removed 100 billion spam comments from WordPress.

How Akismet recognise as spam

When many website comments as a same comments then akis-met recognise as spam.

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What are spam comments?

Spam comments: we also called a fake comments or unwanted comments, many people called a Jung file or bug. It is harmful for my website. If in your website has large number of fake comments then your website loading speed decreased and any user visit your site but due to taking more loading speed then your visitor not wants to visit your site also Search engine neglect your site.

Should I use akismet?

 Spam comments are big issues of blogs or websites. It automatically generated by bugs or spam bots developed by hackers. And akis-met gather a large number of spam comments on moderation.

An akismet reduce spam comments in your blogs or website, it not remove or stop commenting.

How know akismet detected as spam

When akismet marks spam comments, then they reflect in moderation where a long line of spam is created. Sometimes legal comments marked as spam comments in this position you should contact akismet administrator and resolve it.

How to setup and configure akismet on WordPress

 When you install wordpress, then it comes automatically, now you only have to activate. We will explain it step by step.

Akismet plugin

Step 1,   Go to dashboard in your WordPress menu and follow the diagram :- plugin=>Installed plugin=>Akismet Anti-spm=> Activate

Step 2, after you ask for API Key

How we get API key for Akismet setup

For complete akis-met spam plugin setup you need to API Key. Now go to Akismet official https://akismet.com/wordpress/

Now you register with your email address and login.If you already register then direct login. website and click on Activate Aki-smet.
Now redirected to WordPress site for login . Now you can login herewith your email address & password.
After login with WordPress site you get here Akis-met price and plan. Akismet provide free and premium plans for personal and business persons. Personal: – It is simple plan through this plan you get here only spam protection.
Now you copy the 12 digits code and paste at Akismet account area.

Plus $5:- You get here Spam protection, commercial site supports, with advance states and priority support.

Enterprise $50:- This plan is same as plus $5 but this plan provide bulletproof spam protection.

You can choose here free plan.

After copy your API key and insert that place where you require and press activate menu, atonce your site will be protected with spam commennts.

Please remember API key is a your important password you do not share anyone and keep it safe custody. If in case you lost or forget API key then you should send support to akismet. If done you can check akismet website regularly in a week that how many spam are filtered by him.

How to stop spam comments on WordPress

The below some ways that you can easily stpm spam comments from your blog or wdebsites:-

  • Reduce the number of links allowed per post.
  • Make a list of blacklisted words.
  • set up comments moderating system.
  • Allow comments only registered users.
  • Use a power full plugin for spam filter.
  • Remove third party plugin.