Short speech on My Mother in English for children’s

I am writing an article about my mother. I hope that you will like this speech about mother. Please forgive me about any errors.
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We are writing this speech for school children because they can easily take debate in school to read this speech.

Speech on My Mother in English in 250 words

Hello everyone and welcomes headmaster teachers brothers and little children’s. We are giving to speak speech on My mother, do not care on my mistakes and forgive me.

She is the precious thing for child and God has gifted to him. It is symbol of affection, kindness and sacrifice. She got this quality on inherit by God.

She loves her children very much. She kicks everything in the world for the love of her children. She works hard day and night to raise her children.
Maa is a role model for every child.

Because Maa is such person who brought me and all of you to this beautiful world. She also gives birth and raises children. She stays awake all night for him until her child sleeps.

No one can imagine their life without a mother. Because the mother is the only person who serves her children day and night without wearying and does not take anything from us in return.

A great socialist said – that mother’s love is a rare thing in the world. And there is no cost to it. Because her love is very precious.

She keeps nine months in her womb and then gives birth. She take care from birth to till grows up. Apart from this, every Childs learn good culture from mother.

Whenever we get hurt anywhere then mother word out of our mouth . So she is heaven for us. Therefore we should respect her.

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