How to use Face book for beginners pdf in English

How to use Face book for beginners pdf in English How to use Face book for beginners pdf in English

What is Facebook and introduction

What is facebook! It is not amazing word in the world, because now anybody not unknown of this amazing words.

Face book is so popular that child and adult both know fairly. It is a medium of connecting one to other persons easily.

There is no person who is unfamiliar with Facebook. By the way, Facebook today is the mind of every man’s mind in the brain. Yet there are not many people who do not even know it nor do they have any account. Never mind, if you don’t know then know today. If Facebook does not have an account, open it immediately.
Facebook is a social networking site, which is used extensively in the world. Millions of people visit this site every day. Crores talk to each other, share the image. Many people make friends to each other. This facility is available only for registered members.

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Here anyone can join and register, but should an age of minimum 13 years. Here can share any of her text. Can connect with his relatives, chatting with friends. Anyone can share images or videos with them. If someone sends you a Friend Request, then you can accept or reject it. This entire feature is in Face book.

Face book operating is very easy. Any user can easily learn from. If he could not any option, then it is learned by asking your friend such as: – How to send friend requests, how to tag someone, share photos or videos etc.

Now you seen that it is an amazing thing, if anybody is far away from your reach, but you can easily talk with him. Any one lost then you can search you.

How to use Face book for beginner’s pdf


Facebook is a free of cost social networking site. Create a profile that allows your register user. A Register user can send Friend Request to anyone and accept request or remove.

You can send or share your happiness or intimate moments with friends and relatives, send message and make comments. Can upload photos or videos in your profile. By forming a group, you can stay in touch with your friends, relatives and business members. Facebook is available in different languages. Apart from this, they have many public features: –

  1. Status Update: Whenever someone updates the latest in Face book, it is called status update. Such as: – Text, Message, Events or profile picture etc.
  2. News Feed: – Whenever you login, you come to this news feed and here you spend maximum time. From here you can check the profile of your friends. Can share any data.
  3. Like: – If you like any text, message, audio clip or video clip anything else, when you like anything, you can like it or dislike it.
  4. Timeline & Tagging: – Whenever you share a text, message or video, it gets saved on your timeline. And whenever you mark a friend, it is called tagging.
  5. Notification: – Face book alerts you from time to time by sending notifications.
  6. Blocking: – With this option you can block or unblock anyone.
  7. Language and Region: – You can set the language and region by going to this option.

Some more public features

Below are the some option some are recently amended:-

1.Marketplace: – This part contains E-commerce advertisements or Classified ads, which is beneficial for you and all, you can check your requirement otherwise ignore it. Nowadays Face book has become a huge market hub.

2.Groups: – It has a lot of Groups, which vary for different regions. You can share your Interact by joining any group. But you have to send the request first to join. You can create your own group if you want, and by joining your Friend Circle Can stay connected.

3. Find Friends: – Friends who are not connected to you, you can search from here. You can also search anyone by name or email address with this option.

4. Videos on watch:- In this options face book provided Selected videos are different section, Such as: – Entertainment, Comedy, Politics, Fun or maza, Mythology etc. which you can see by clicking.

5. Events: – in this section you can share any events, public, Friends or Group. Face book allows this. Or anyone can then see the events shared in this section.

6. Memories: – It reminds you and your friends of memory from time to time. Reminds you of your beautiful moments.

7. Nearby Friends: – This option shows how far away you’re Friends from you. You can track the location of anyone.

8. Gaming: – It provided various types of games for you, which you can play online.

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