Long and short Essay on Summer Season in English


Long and short Essay on Summer Season in English

The Summer season starts from March and lasts till June-July. It remains extremely hot for four months. The rays of the sun feel good till the month of February. From February onwards, we start feeling warm with the rays of the sun. And as time goes by, the heat increases.


This season is very entertaining for school children. In this season, ice cream, lassi, juices and various types of fruits are available for eating. We also call summer season as Grisham season.

Long and short Essay on Summer Season

We are writing many short and big essays on summer you can choose as you like as per your .

Summer Season Essay 1 (100 Words)

Summer is the hottest month of the year. In this season the days are very big and the nights are short. 

Eating and drinking are very good in this season. Various types of fruits and vegetables are available in market. 

Summer Season Essay 2 (150 Words)

Summer comes after autumn. All the animals and birds are disturbed by the shivering frost and shrinkage. He needs something new in his life.

In this way, the sharp rays of Surya affect some changes in his life. But what do they know that frosty gave relief but the heat will now take out all the trouble.

Summer starts in April and remains intense till July. Due to the intense heat all around, without water, they start to look distraught.

In this season, the water of wells, ponds and small rivers gets dried up. In many places people start dying from heat and heat.

A holiday is declared in school-colleges and government and non-government institutions. Children start thinking of themselves as free from the burden of studies. He now feels like going on a picnic with his parents. Thus, we enjoy this holiday.

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Summer Season Essay 3 (300 Words)

There are twelve months of the year. And accordingly the weather is also divided. The summer season is fine in the beginning, but as the day progresses, the heat increases. It is difficult to get out of the house in this season. Lu moves around. In this weather day becomes very big, it is not early evening. And the night becomes very short.


In this summer, people go for a walk in the park in the morning. Dry and hot and dry air keeps on moving throughout the day. In this season, extreme heat causes disease like diarrhea.


In this season, fear of mosquito bites like malaria, dengue is always there. In this season, various types of sweet smells bloom in the garden. Fruits like mango and jackfruit are available in summer.


In the summer season, sometimes there is very strong wind in the morning and evening. In such a time, long holidays are given in all government and non-government schools.

There is great enthusiasm and enthusiasm in children. He goes for a walk with his parents in a hill station. And they enjoy swimming, and summer season pods. They eat ice cream and frosty heart. Ice cream is a favourite of children. And they have a lot of fun.

In this season everyone wears light and thin clothes as it reduces heat. People have to face the problem of water due to the pleasures of rivers, ponds and tube wells.


After enjoying the holidays, Aura returns to his home before the school opens and gets back into his daily routine.


And if we talk about children, then they too have been waiting for a long time from the summer season. Nature has made the weather different from us. And every season has a different style.

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Summer Season Essay 4 (400 Words)


God is the architect of the beauty of nature. He made different types of seasons. And this season comes from its time and adds beauty of the nature. Hence the scenery of nature is visible in India.

There are main roll of Sun and Chandra in changing of seasons. Also, there are many factors like rivers; mountain and other affect the weather. Nature has made a total of four seasons which arrive at their proper time.

This season is incomplete without each other. And these seasons keep the balance of nature.

This season arrives at the end of spring. According to the Hindi months this season starts from the month of Chaitra Vaishakh.

In this season, the sun remains Uttarayan i.e. the earth is in front of it. Hence it takes more heat.

In this season, the days become bigger and the nights become shorter. All the water in the world gets dried up due to the intense heat of the sun. Afternoon times are the hot and annoying winds, the earth is hot with heat, and the rivers become low water level. River-ponds and puddles dry up. Do humans and animals also crave for water?

Heat effect

Due to the severe heat, food becomes dry. Flakes and vegetables become tasteless. The taste of food deteriorates. We have to drink water again and again. To avoid dehydration, the fluid has to be repeatedly weathered. Therefore, to be new and healthy in life, having all seasons is very important.

In this season, there is laziness in the body, nobody wants to work. To avoid the effects of this season, we should keep taking more and more fluids.

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Summer Season Essay 5 (600 Words)

From this season we get to eat good fruits like mango, tamarind, jackfruit, and litchi. Due to excessive heat in this season, all people get cold things to eat. It is very fun to eat such cold things like ice-cream, ice cream, Pepsi, cold. All these things are found in the summer season.


There are different types of seasons in India and all seasons have their own importance. Everyone enjoys this season very well.






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