Pongal Festival Essay in English for Children and Students

Pongal Festival Essay in English for Children and Students

Pongal Festival Essay in English Language

Pongal festival is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is a harvest festival. Just as Onam is the main festival of the people of Kerala, Pongal is the main festival for the people of the Hindu religion of Tamil Nadu.

This festival is connected with crop harvest and farmers. You can also say it a harvesting festivals. This festival celebrated every year Tamilnadu on 14 to 17 January. Same time in North India Makar-Sakaranti festival is celebrated.

This festival is celebrated nearby Makar-Sakaranti. When the women of the farmers go to their farm and they see their crop waving will be very pleased and celebrated this festival. And worship the Sun God. All women’s ask a blessing of God that our crop shines like this every year.

In preparation for this festival, women clean their houses. Makes lip-smashing. There is new excitement in children. Children and old people together decorate their homes. Everyone wears new clothes.

Pongal is a festival celebrated is South India. And it is mainly popular in Tamil nadu. Traditionally, this festival is dedicated to prosperity. South India peoples worship rain, sunlight and agricultural cattle for prosperity.

This festival is celebrated continue 4 days. And every day has a different importance. First day is called “Bhogi Pongal” on this day is Lord Indra is worshiped. The second day is called “Surya Pongal” on this day make kheer from new rice and offers it to the Lord Surya and worship him. The third day is called “Mattu Pongal” on this day bulls are worshiped. Ans the fourth and last day is called “Thiruvallar Pongal” on this day all farmers women neat and clean their house and decorate colourful lights and joy and distribute sweets.

On the occasion of pongal school-college and government and private institution are holidays.

History of Pongal Festival


Behind every festivals are some mythological stories , similarly Pongal festivals is based on an interesting stories.

According to a legend, Lord Shankar once ordered his bull to go to the earth and give a message to all beings that he has to bathe in oil every day and eat food once a month.

But that bull went to earth lok and spoke reverse to all. He said that you have to bath once a month with oil and take meal every day. To listen this Lord Shanker became very angry and scold to this bull.

Brishabh what did you do? You order reverse that is message is almighty God now cannot change anyone.  If they eat food every day then where and how will that food come from?

If you have made a great mistake, therefore you will have to pay the price and you will get punished.

And Lord Shanker ordered to the bull that as per your penalty you go to earth lok .Because you did a great mistake. Now help mankind in grain production. If you plough his field then only the crop will be produced. Now by ploughing with oxen, the farmer produces his crop.

According to the second legend, when Lord Krishna was in childhood. So he wanted to break the pride of Lord Indra. Therefore he forbade the gokuls peoples to worship Lord Indra. Knowing this Lord Indra became angrier.

Because proud he could not recognize Lord Krishna and consider him a foolish child and wanted to punish him. Lord Indra is the god of rain. Therefore he got very torrential rain. Due to which the entire Gokul nagar submerged in heavy raining.

Then Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain with his finger and protects the Gokuls with Indra’s angry. And crushed the indra’s pride.

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