My Mother Essay 200 words in English for students

मेरी माँ पर निबंध हिंदी- Essay on My Mother in Hindi for class 10

My Mother Essay 200 words in English

My Mother Essay 200 words :- The woman, who gives birth to babies, is called the mother. A mother takes care of her children with selflessness for the rest of her life. And she gets bigger by keeping her up.

Long and Short Essays on Mother

Without a mother, there is no question of the existence of life. We get life from mother, only then can we fulfil our dreams. Mother brings us to the world by giving birth. Mother is very valuable to us. So we should never forget him.

I am writing an essay in different words on Mother, such as 100, 150, 200, 250, 300,400 and 800 which will be highly beneficial for all sections of the students. I hope this essay written by my words will be liked by everyone.

Mother Essays 1 (100 Words)

A mother is a woman who gives birth to her children and keeps her. Raising the baby, it makes him big. She enjoys it very much in that work. Mother cannot see her child in a little trouble. She will stay in wet clothes himself, but she will not let his child stay.

She raises her milk with breast and serves her day and night. And in this work she does not tire at all. It is a mother

Mother does all this for her child, who is a selfless self. If there was no mother, then who would raise her children? Then we had to pay a lot of money.

Mother Essays 2 (150 Words)

The woman who gives birth to and from then until we become big, she serves us with full confidential and selfless, she is called a mother. Mother never asks for anything in return with her child.

Mother is the form of God for us. God has created mother. You can also call.

My Mother Essay in English for class 8

You can also call Mother as a Guru, because mother is our first school. She teaches us to speak It teaches us to walk.

She teaches us that he is a father, this is brother, and this is grandfather. The child’s first word speaks only to the mother. And whenever we are in trouble, the first name of the mother comes upon the mouth.

Before God created a mother, thought that some kind of thing should be made which would reduce my work. Then God made mother means woman caste.

God has made the woman caste different from man, which we call mother.

Mother Essays 3 (200 Words)- My mother essay 200 words

A mother is a very important person for a child. Mother is also very important for the world. Mother keeps her baby in her womb for nine months. And after nine months gives birth to a child.

The child feels happy about his happiness. After the birth of a child, how happy she will play with her, how she will treat him, she is very happy. She never thinks of himself. She serves her child with selflessness. And he gives her complete protection.

Mother is more than God. If her child ever gets ill, then the mother awakens for her and takes care of her overnight. She does not sleep and is completely worried. She asks all to ask her child to cure. She prays to God for his child. She always wished the child’s bright future.

My Mother essay in English 10 Lines

Mother always is like a Guru for children. She teaches his child everything. Mother has also been given the status of a Guru.

Mother Essays 4 (250 Words)



Mother is a living statue of sacrifice and sacrifice. She gives selfless love to his own child. Mother is a true companion for her child. She always gives happiness to his child in pain. She does not care about his life. For him, his child is the chief. She laughs at the child’s happiness and she cries when the child is unhappy. This is only mother. A poet has said two words in his mother: –

When together with the circumstances

     No Voice happens

Recognition is in silence,

       Every pain

She is just “mother”.

Relationship between mother and child


There is a love between a mother and a child that never ends. Mother always keeps her child tied to Pallu. He loves his child very much. Mother always takes care of her child. But the same mother when she gets old then she does not support them, do not care. It is very sad for us. We should take care of our old parents very well.


Mother never thinks of her child being harmed. She gives up all his sorrows for the life of his child. The happiness of the child, he understands his happiness. Mother’s sacrifice, we all believe in Mother’s Day all over the world on 13th May. And remember your mother.

Mother Essays 5 (300 Words)

My mother essay 200 words Introduction
My Mother speech in English

If there were no mother in the world, then this creation would not happen. Without the mother, the children do not have the disadvantage. When a child is born a house, the happiest is his mother, as if she has found a treasure of the world. Comparison of mother is above God. Mother’s place comes after Mother. Mother’s love and compassion are auspicious. She quits everything for her love.

Importance of Mother in Our Life

Mother’s life is very important in our life. A newborn baby recognizes her mother only by her nostrum. When the child speaks the first word in the world, he is a mother. When the child moves in the world, then when the first step is followed, it is supported by the mother.

Mother takes care of her children for 24 hours. Mother and father are two cars in the world and both of them

It is very important to have it. Then the future of the family and the child is secure. Mother learns the face of her children by seeing the face of her child.

A mother loves to be infatuated with her children. The mother worries most of her children, whether she is in happiness or sadness.

If mother becomes angry with the child, then she cannot speak without delay. Mother keeps an uninterrupted fast for the happiness of her children and takes a full day of unhygienic water. It does not know that God is the mother or God comes as the mother in this world, to protect us.


Mother word is a precious thing in the world. Devta seeking mother’s love also crave and they are also born on earth.

Mother Essays 6 (400 Words)


Mother is she, who loves children a lot. The child, whose mother is not, is called an inadequacy. If you have found the mother’s love then understand that you have found everything in the world. Because mother gives all her education apart from love. By which the child is born. That is why Mother has been given the status of a master too.

Mother is very happy with the birth of her children, whom she has found some precious treasure. If mother scolds you, she loves you the most.

Selfless Love

Mother loves her children so much that her selfishness is not hidden. Mother serves so much, she does not ask for anything from you in return. Mother asks God for our welfare night and day. Child grow and becomes big, mother’s happiness doubles. There is no selfishness hidden in the mother

Mother is the teacher and guidance of Child

The family has been called its first school for children. And mother is her first teacher. Because the first time her mother teaches her to talk to her mother and she speaks only the first word. Mother teaches her to walk and learn to walk after catching mother’s finger.

Mother teaches her about good and bad habits. Therefore, mother is also called a good teacher and guide for the child.

Mother tells the child a story based on various gods and goddesses, which brings religious rituals to it. Mother tells the story of courageous man , who attains the merits of doing something in the children.

Mother prepares an ideal atmosphere for the child in the house. Which has led to good behaviour?


Mother loves a lot of her children anyone can sacrifice for this. Mother is not just a word but it is a complete universe in itself. He is the most important person in everyone’s life. A mother has the ability to selflessly love. Sacrifice made by mother cannot be written only in words.

She is a human being who awakens night and night for his children in bad times and diseases. He is involved in their every happiness and understands all his likes and dislikes. He always guides his children to move on the right path.

Mother Essay: Long and short


Mother Essays 7 (600 Words)



As the name of the mother comes, the heart of motherhood starts running on my mind. Mother’s place is also above God. This saying is true, that God cannot be present everywhere. That is why God has created mother. Mother is the most precious thing in the world. Mother gives birth to us on our feet by giving birth. Mother can give any sacrifice for the welfare of her children. And also with selflessness

If I say my mother’s talk then my mother is an idealist. She has knowledge of everything. She slept after sleeping me and finish all the work at home. My mother loves all my brothers and sisters my mother takes care of our family. If someone falls sick in our family, then he takes care of it, until he gets cured. He does not even care about his food. Mom is happy or sad always smiles. And if you keep on smiling, then all your calamities will go away.

Definition of Good Mother

There is no definition of a good mother. Mother is the Mother’s womb. Nobody can interpret the glory of the mother Deity is also a master in front of mother’s motherly love. Mother loves to bewilder with her child. Mother’s world is her child. By giving birth to the child, the mother also performs her full service.

If the child makes a mistake, She scolds him, but by love so that he is feeling a mistake, so that the next time you make a mistake, thinks of it. Mother is most worried about the safety of the future of her children.

Ability of Mother

Every woman in the world has maternal quality, which she has inherited. Apart from this there is some other property which is as follows: –

The burden of responsibility: This is the first quality of a woman that she gives birth to her children and raises her well. And simultaneously inspire him to stand on his feet.

The feeling of selfless love: – It is against everybody in every woman. He forgets all his happiness for his children. And he remembers the love of the same newborn in his mind. She keeps her child from the chest and loves a lot.

Assistant: Mother is always helpful to her child. He always helps. And the child responds to all the questions.

Why mother is important in our life

Mother is a very precious heritage for us. Which sustains our service with selflessness? Hungry herself and feeds me myself. If I get sick, my mother wakes me for my night and serves me. And asks for me a prayer from God.

People say that God does not appear, but I say that you are my God. Mother, I will bring you every happiness of the world in your stages. You always stay with me, do not leave me somewhere and do not go.

Mother is that part of our life without which it is very difficult to live without life, son’s love can be reduced to mother but mother’s love is never less for her children.

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