Long and short essay on Indian farmer for student’s class 10

Long and short essay on Indian farmer for student’s class 10

Indian Farmer an introduction

Indian Farmer :-  The farmer is a simple and austere idol. Who is a farmer? Which keeps us all? He grows vegetables for us, such as: rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables, pulses, milk, butter, cheese etc. It does so much for us, and we don’t even know it. So let’s know about the farmer.

Long and short Essays on Indian Farmer

Farmers are the backbone of our country’s economy. Because if the farmer does not grow the crop, then our country will suffer badly. Our country is a country of farmers, yet the son of the farmer does not want to become a farmer, why? Learn in this article. I am writing essay on Indian farmer in different words, which will be suitable for you.

Essays on Indian farmers 1 (200 Words)

As soon as we take the name of Indian farmer, a face appears in our psyche, which is a fat and is the idol of penance. The one who works hard and struggles with a happy lifeless, grows grain from the earth.

India is an agricultural country. India is a country of villages, as 80% of the population of this country lives in villages. The main occupation or employment of these villagers is agriculture i.e. it is based on agriculture. Their livelihood runs only through agriculture.

The farmer works very hard. He works hard, regardless of the weather, in the full rainy or scorching sun or frostbite and produces grains, fruits and vegetables for us. He also does animal husbandry and in addition to grains, fruits, vegetables, he also produces milk, curd, butter, pulses, oilseeds, etc. for us….

Essays on Indian farmers 2 (250 Words)

Our farmer brothers do not even have good cultivable land. Before the independence, Indian peasants used to cultivate the land and used to cultivate their fields. And Zamindar used to collect arbitrary Malguzari from him, whom he could not repay even by giving full crop; as a result he used to work at the landlord to save his mother earth. Farmers consider their land more than their mother.

The Indian farmer is a living example of truth, faith and austerity. He grows grains by tearing the chest of the earth.

Farmer’s routine is different. Farmers get up early in the morning by cutting fodder for their animals, feeding them and starving themselves and wrapping a pot on the body, carrying ploughs and bulls on their shoulders and go out on the field.

The farmer takes his refreshment on the same farm, and then gets to work, no matter what the weather; he does not come home from his farm that is his work.

His wife or children take lunch on the same farm, and they eat at the same farm, and continue to work till evening, in the evening with their livestock such as cow, ox, goat or cattle. Returns home, and he sleeps with his livestock, and he takes special care of the bull, because it is impossible to farm without the bull.

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Essays on Indian farmers 3 (400 Words)

India is a country of farmers. India is an agricultural country.  But still the situation of the farmer here is quite pathetic. They grow grains for us and starve themselves. He does not get any bread for two times.

Describe a day in a farmer’s life

The Indian farmer is dependent on rain water, as there is no source of irrigation other than Rain. They sow crops in the field, and guard them even at night, so that no any animal or any enemy will feed on their hard work. In this work, his full family wife and his children also accompany him.

Condition of farmers in India


The condition of the farmer of our country is quite pathetic. Their income is very low, because they cannot have a high income. There are many reasons for this: –

  • The Indian farmer works for six months and the remaining six months is sitting in vain and idle and his farm is also empty, which limits his income.
  • Unable to utilize the advanced resources of farming, he does farming with his old methods and his tools, which does not lead to good crop.
  • The Indian farmer depends on the rain-water for farming, when there is good rain, there is a chance of being good farmed that year, otherwise you have to face drought and famine, there is no need to die of starvation due to famine. . He has no other choice of irrigation.
  • Indian farmers are illiterate, due to which they fall prey to many blind faith and evils hunt, and they do not know about new methods of farming.
  • There is no school in the village, so that they are not able to send their child to study outside, due to which their children also remain illiterate.
  • Our India has become 70 years of freedom, yet the farmers of our country are poor, they are illiterate even today, they work with their children in the field, they send cattle to the forest for grazing. His whole family is busy day and night in the fields and the barn, he does not think of any other world.

Even if the government brings some scheme for the farmers, the farmer does not get the benefit; the middleman gets stuck in the middle.

There is a saying that the farmer is born in poverty and dies in poverty

It is natural, due to illiteracy, Indian farmers are badly caught in social evils, mischiefs and breaking old rules and rules is considered a great sin. Consequently, even on the occasion of marriage, marriage, birth and death, due to false dignity and public shame, they also spend a lot on banquet etc. by borrowing from the moneylender and are always in debt. Eventually, they die in debt.

Way to improve agriculture sector in India


The Indian farmer is so poor, that he does not even get the bread for two days, nor is he able to wear good clothes, his children wear torn clothes, his wife can never buy jewellery, his house is also made of straw. is.

The farmer of our country is sure to grow the crop, but he is not able to sell it at a high price, the broker and middleman cheat him, so that his crop does not get the proper price.

Any unknown person will tell the farmers by looking at them right away, their identity is that they do not have legs and their body is clothed, their body is also dry, because from where will the poor farmer bring food containing vitamins. , He gets two pieces of bread, that’s enough, his body becomes a skeleton. There is absolutely no glow or glow in their body.

Scientists of our country have made so much progress, they have reached the moon, yet the farmers cultivate the old-fashioned way, that is, do not use the tractor, the best kind of manure-seeds and pesticides. Don’t use There is no electricity in the village, so that they can irrigate the pumpset.

They are not free from the clutches of the landlords, they take loans for their cultivation from the land itself, and the zamindars charge arbitrary money in the form of interest. They have no means of irrigation, so that they can take full advantage of their farmland. Cannot lift

If we talk about abroad, then the farmers there are rich, because there is a market to sell their crops, where they get the right price.

How can we improve the situation of farmers, let us know: –

First of all, an agricultural research should be opened near the village so that farmers can be cultivated by teaching new and improved methods, which will increase the yield, and then only the farmer will be happy.

The farmer should have a market to sell the crop, where he gets the full price, remove the broker and middleman.

The farmer should get huge relief in fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural equipment.

The Zamindari system should be abolished. Agricultural development loan should be arranged for farmers.

New ways of farming should be devised. Irrigation should be arranged. The fields should never be empty. Concentration should be given to commercial farming like pulses, oilseeds and phulo cultivation, yellow farming etc., this will increase the income of the farmer tremendously and the farmer will be happy and prosperous.

Farmers should be educated, for this, schools should be opened in every village; emphasis should be given on night and adult education. Farmers will be educated only then there will be an apocalypse of superstition and evils hunt spread in the society and a teacher of truth and honest should be kept in the school and a chapter with studies is also on agriculture. Durdarshan

And on Akashwani too, agriculture based programs should be shown, so that our farmer brother will be inspired. A card should be made for the farmer, where there will be preference everywhere, then he would like to move forward, and the farmer will be happy only then our country will be able to progress.

Special packages should be given for farmers in government schemes.

The Government of India should make every effort to raise the standard of living of the farmer.

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