Importance of World environment day Essay in English for Students

Importance of World environment day Essay in English for Students

Importance of World Environment day in our lives

Importance of World Environment day :- World Environment Day 2019 will be celebrated by people all over the world on Wednesday, June 5th.

World environment day 2019 theme and slogan

All the countries of the world yearly observe World Environment Day on 5th June. But the theme is given differently every year. This theme is decided according to the nature and sensitivity of nature. World Environment Day 2019 theme is “Air pollution”. Meaning reduce air pollution.

According to the theme of the year 2019, the Indian government has made a video song theme- “Hawa aane de “. This video was created by the Ministry of Climate Change in Mumbai with the Bhamba Foundation. The main purpose of this video is to make people aware about saving the environment.

World environment day special

Every year, a conscious campaign is organized to explain the environment well and to protect everybody in the world. And every person participates in this campaign. This festival is celebrated very enthusiastically on 5th June from 1973. People of every class participate in this excitement. And to protect the environment is called swearing.

The United Nations organized the first environmental conference of countries around the world in Stockholm (Sweden) on environmental pollution in 1972. And it is believed that awareness and movement about the international environment began with this conference. And this conference was attended by 119 countries of the world. And everyone signed a land theory recognizing it. After this, on June 5, World Environment Day was celebrated in all countries. The Environment Protection Act came into force in the Republic of India from 19 November 1986.

What does world environment day mean?

Environment means the natural things around us. Tree plants and ozone layer etc.
We have been cutting trees for our pleasure every day. Destroying the forest, we have to face the drought and excessive rain. Due to cutting trees, carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere. As a result, glacier is melting. From which we are getting warnings of global warming every year by scientists. On the day we do new experiments, the ozone layer of our earth is also becoming a hole. And the direct radiation of the sun falls on us. Which is very harmful? We are using a lot of plastic in our daily life, due to which the fish are dying in the sea. And the star of air pollution is increasing.

Importance of world environment day

Environment Day is celebrated to protect its environment. Its main component is not to cut trees
And it is mandatory for each person to plant a tree
Do not use plastic and tell your neighbours also

The main reason for celebrating the Environment Day is that we celebrate this festival with the intention of tapping the natural resources of large scale, harvesting forests and protecting against global warming and dealing with future threats.
Due to the unbalanced distribution of natural resources, it started to have a bad effect on all the countries, so all the countries together have been formed to form a global stage. Which we consider every year as World Environment Day.

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