Importance of Education Essay 800 words for students

Man’s life is an invaluable gift of nature. Therefore it is very important to be educated or to understand the importance of education to understand the real importance of life.

Because life cannot be imagined without it. Education: A person develops the ability to think, understand and learn about the good and the bad and he progresses in his life.

Importance of Education Essay 800 words for students

Essay on education is a very important subject for children. In schools and colleges, students are often given an essay competition on the subject. Keeping this in mind, we have provided essays on various words here, from which you can choose any essay according to your need and requirement.

Long and Short Essay on Education for students

Education Essay 1 (150 Word)

What is education? It is a medium through which we can know about anything in the world. If we are educated, then by knowing deeply about any problem, we can find the appropriate solution about it. Education is very important for every class. This is his right to birth. Without education, our life is useless and of no use.


If we are educated, we can develop our knowledge, wisdom, prudence and courage even more. It is education that gives us the message to do something for the society and the country.

Education does not only mean knowledge of books. An educated person is proficient in knowledge, common sense and behavioural skills. He knows exactly what is right and what is wrong. Along with education, everyone should be skilled in practice.

In schools and colleges, children are given knowledge on education and many other subjects, so that it can develop physically.

Therefore, parents are concerned about children’s education since childhood. And it is striving for his children to get a good education so that he can succeed in his life.

Education is the key to Success

Education Essay 2 (250 Word)

Can anyone tell what the difference between humans and animals is? Education is what separates humans from animals. Whatever work a human being does, an animal also does, so what? But there is a work an educated human does that an animal does not do. That is the perfect thinking, brotherhood and skills. and tactful.

Education has many meanings. There is a huge difference between an illiterate and educated human being. The entire family of educated people, children are all educated and educated. He does everything in a planned manner. His behaviour, living habits are better than all.

Family is the first school of Children. Then the children go to school, where the teacher tells them about the education. And teaches all the topics related to education such as Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Civics.

Just like we need food, water and air for living, education is very important for our life. Education plays an important role in our lives. It is the right of the common man to live. It is through education that we teach new ways of living.

If you take good education, then many ways of your career are opened automatically. We can do welfare of ourselves, society and country only through education. Therefore, we should pay special attention to education. Only then can the welfare of the country, society and humans.

300 Words Essay on


Education is the foundation of a civilized society. If you are building a house, if its foundation is weak then it will not last long. Everyone talks about education, but no one knows exactly what the problem is.


Education is the foundation of development of human civilization. With which he gets success everywhere in life. An educated person has many qualities. Due to lack of education, we cannot acquire skills in various fields. Education is important for our life and existence.


Children are given writing essays on education in the classroom. They are able to write it well.

Knowledge expands by being in contact with an educated person. Education strengthens the national development process. Education leads to the development of good political ideology. The standard of living of its citizens improves.

The value of education and its importance can be understood by the fact that as soon as we are born, our parents start educating us about an essential thing in life.

Education is very important for all the countries. Without this, there cannot be welfare of the country, state and society.

Education is very important for all of us for all reasons too. This helps us live a good and healthy life. Education helps us know how to use and consume different types of food. It also educates us about how to protect ourselves from diseases and stay away from bad habits. Education is also important for us and to protect our country.

Essay on importance of Education in 500 words

Essay on Education (500 Words)

Everyone has the right over education. Education is not available in any shop. After all, what is this education? Education and learning are the rewards of each other.

You heard right, education is for everyone whether it is poor or rich, is a king or is a runk. Education is a precious thing, which can be attained through hard work.

In olden times, to get education, one had to stay in the Guru’s ashram while practicing celibacy. In the Guru’s ashram, he was taught to teach literature, mathematics, political and weapons. Only the sons of the king were educated by the Guru. You must have seen in Ramayana or, Lord Rama along with the four brothers got education only by staying in the ashram of Vishwamitra Muni. And only after finishing education, he returned to his palace after giving Guru-Dakshina.

In the Mahabharata too, Guru Dronacharya taught the Kauravas and the Pandavas. And he also gave Guru-Dakshina to Dronacharya.

But this is not the case in modern times. We enroll small children in school and that child comes to school everyday. And they have to complete education in this way. As the children progressed to further education, they progressed to further classes.

Education leads to our moral development. Education is what separates us from animals. An educated human is efficient and fast-paced.

Education is a very important weapon for the people of the world to balance life and make their existence on earth. This keeps everyone excited to move forward and to be successful in life as well as to provide the ability to face challenges in life. This is the only way to get more knowledge and improve your skills in a particular area according to the need. This enables us to create a good balance of our body, mind and soul.

Education develops the minds of the people and the power to pass through them comes in them. It removes all differences of society and diseases like untouchability. Education helps in understanding every aspect of life closely.

Everyone has equal right to education, be it man or woman. Because all together can create a civilized and educated society. Not only this, education is very important for a better future.

Education also plays an important role for the development and progress of the country. Because the citizens of the country are responsible for the better future and development of the country. Only highly educated people form the basis of a developed country. Education makes people perfect and great.

The Government of India is bringing several schemes to reform the education system. The board of education is bringing change. New measures of education are being taken for employment.

Therefore, we all want that the government should appreciate its action and we should take full advantage of it, only then the welfare of the country, society and the common man can be done.

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