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Essay on Cow in English for Children and Students

Essay Writing is a means of knowledge of the languages . Children’s based and starts from schooling.   It will be…

Essay Writing is a means of knowledge of the languages . Children’s based and starts from schooling.   It will be strong by knowing knowledge of literature. Teachers often given to task for writing essay to him.

Man is kindness by nature they often domesticate some animals and birds, therefore some animals and birds are faithful for us, e.g. Cows, dogs, cat, parrot , Elephant etc.

One teacher always asks to students for writing essays such types because improve their writing skill. Through this article i am writing different words essays for all.

Essay on Cow in 100 words

Cow is a domestic animals . We call her to cow-mother. Every Hinduism known as mother. In villagers everyone domesticated to her. Domesticated her are many good benefit. It gives us milk. It is best for health nutrition.

We consider her as a very useful animal. It is a livestock. Farmers keeps a cow for milk. We consider as a laxmi and worship her. She is faithful animal.

Essay on Cow in 150 words

The cow is our mother.

We consider cow to be mother.

The cow is Lakshmi.

We bow to the cow and seek blessings.

It is a four-legged mammal.

The cow is a very big animal.

Cow is found in all parts of the country.

It has four feet, a long tail, a nose, two ears and one eye and big head.

This green grass grows.

The cow is a devotee.

It comes home automatically.

When it is thirsty, he goes into the pond and drinks water.

The cow gives the calf.

Its milk is healthy. Its milk becomes healthier by drinking the child, the sick and the patient. That’s why cow is a very useful animal for us.

We should also take care of the health of the cow.

To keep it, clean cowshed should be given.

Where there is no dirt and airy

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