My Favourite Festival Durga Puja Essay in English

Legend story of Durga pooja

According to the second legend, in the Ramayana, Lord Rama took blessings by worshiping Durga ji before killing Ravana. Then Durga ji appeared and blessed her and said, “Go back to victory and do well for the earth.”

So when Rama killed Dashanan Ravana, it was the day of Vijayadashami. And after sixteen days of Durga Puja, the festival of Diwali comes on the same day, Lord Bhagwan came back to Ayodhya along with Ram Bhai Laxman and Bharata Sita ji.

People Celebrate Durga Pooja

By the way, Durga Puja is a famous festival of Bengal.

But apart from this, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orrisa, Assam and Tripura are celebrated. It is also celebrated in our neighboring country Nepal. Because Nepal is a Hindu country. Hindus constitute 91% of the population here.

On Vijayadashami, drama and dance songs are also organized at some places. On the next day of Vijayadashami, On Vijayadashami, people see Neelkanth bird. Seeing this bird, they consider themselves auspicious.people immerse the idol by going to the pond or river to immerse the idol of Goddess Durga.

Many people collect donations and organize grand pandals and bhandaras. The children wear all the new clothes and the brothers end this by giving a message of fodder.

While there is advantage on one side, there is harm to our environment on the other side. How?

Dangerous chemical is used to make the idol of Goddess Durga. Which causes great harm to our society and environment?

Therefore, the request to all of you is that we are scraping our mother earth for our lasting happiness, which will prove to be a curse for our future generations.

So we used a friendly material to buy the mother’s statue from the market. And take care of the environment too.

Epilogue: – Durga Puja is a very happy festival for our society. We all worship different forms of Mother for nine days. The entire atmosphere becomes enriched for these nine days. Which causes pollution around us? Brother gives the message of fodder to each other.

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