10 points about Elephant Essays in English for Students

10 points about Elephant Essays in English for Students

10 points about Elephant Essays for kids

10 points about Elephant:- Elephant is a very vast animal and heavy in the earth. It lives at dense forest. Elephants are like by children very much.

Long and Short Essays on Elephant

I am writing 10 points about Elephant essay for students. Often this types of essays given to write in the school, by teachers to kids and children.

From time to time, children are rated by teachers writing essays. So we are writing different types of essays here. Students can choose any paragraph according to their own.

Elephant Essays 1 (100 Word)

Elephant is a mammal animal. Its body is very large. Its body texture is very different. It has four legs, which look like a huge pillar. It has two huge ears the size of a sup. There is also a long tail. And there is also an eye.

Elephant is also a pet animal. Because some people raise it and keep it for their pride or riding. Some people sell it to a circus company.

Elephant show different game playing and wins heart of audience in the circus. Children also ride on his back. Elephant eats grass and tree branches.

Elephant Essays 2 (150 Word)

The elephant is a large and giant creature. It is found in the forest. This elephant considers itself a very big animal. Elephants are seen mainly in black and brown.

Elephant is a very terrible animal. It lives in the forest. If it comes in the residential area then it there is huge loss.

You can easily identify the elephant. It has four legs, which look like a huge pillar. There are two big ears. This looks like a kite. There is a long tail. It has a trunk. With the help of trunk , it easily breaks his twigs from the tree.

10 points about elephant in English for class

  • Elephant is a very big creature in the world.
  • It mostly seems two colours black and brown.
  • It almost lives at dense forest.
  • It has very big body, two big ears, two small eyes, four legs like as a pillar and a long and short tail and white teeth.
  • It has a trunk with the help of catch the branch of trees for eat.
  • It is mostly fount in the forest of India, Burma and Africa.
  • When he gets angry, he gets mad and then starts destroying.
  • In ancient times, the King-Maharaja used it in the battle-field for the war.
  • Elephant is a very strong and wise animal.
  • It is very useful for us.

Elephant Essays 3 (200 Word)

The elephant is the largest animal among living all creatures on the earth.  This Elephantidi comes under the group creature.

According to biologists, there are two species of Elephantidi worldwide. There is a Loxodonta which is found in the dense forest of Africa. And another species is named Aliphus, which we can also call Indian elephant.

It is a very large creature on earth. It gives birth to its children in 22 months. Their average age is 50 to 40 years.

Elephant is a vegetarian animal. And it walks with its herd. If they are alone then the lion can attack and make them their prey. The lion attacks the elephant baby and takes its prey. They depend on the plant for their starvation.

Autobiography of Elephant in English

Elephants range in size from 6 to 10 feet. And its weight is about 11000 kg. Although elephants have many colours, but mainly black and brown colours have been seen. It is a vegetarian animal. And it eats green soft grass, addresses, vegetation. They eat twigs from their trees through their sun….

Elephant Essays 4 (250 Word)

An elephant is a heavy animal. It has four legs, a large head, two ears, two eyes and a long tail. It is afraid of ants or lizards.

If any ant or lizard goes inside it with the help of its trunk, then its life is in danger. So it always avoids these two. And smells with his trunk.

Two types of elephants are found in the world – African and Indian. The Indian elephant is larger than the African. It is found in the middle or dense forests of Africa. Asian elephants are found in dense forests of Assam, Mysore and Tripura, India. They are usually black and brown in color, but the white elephant color found in Thailand .

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