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Guru Ravidas Image and Essays Biography Jayanti wishes

Guru Ravidas Image and Jayanti

Guru Ravidas image and biography for students

Guru Ravidas Image and Jayanti: Sant Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of Magha month.
14th and 16th centuries are considered to be the age of devotional period. In this era, Guru Ravidas is known as a Yugdrasta and a mystic poet and a great saint. They also get the title of Raidas. Therefore, they are also known by the name of Guru Ravidas.

Sant Ravidas is famous as a great saint, poet, spiritual master and social reformer. He has established Ravi Das religion.
They had a deep love for God. He has done many tasks for the welfare of caste-religion with his spiritual knowledge. In North India, he has left the influence of his religion and devotion to people of all sections.
He has written a song for God’s devotion. This song sings the festivals and with great love and devotion to every celebration in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.
Through his poetic composition, he has tried very hard to remove evils spread in the society.
They advised people of all religions to live with mutual brotherhood. Their name is first taken for the purpose of eradicating extinction and touching society.
This saint celebrates the birth day of Shiromani on the full moon day of Magha Months in every year.

Guru Ravidas Image: Some related effect about

Full Name Sant Ravidas
Date of Birth On the full moon day of Magh Month 1371 CE
Birth place Seer,Govardhanpur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Death 1540 Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Caste Lower caste, Chamaar
Mother’s Name Smt Kalsa Devi
Father’s Name Shri Santokh Das
Grand Father’s Name Shri Kaluram Das
Grandma’s Name Smt Lakhpati Devi
Wife Smt. Lona Devi
Son Vijay Das
Family Profession Leather Work
Founder Raviadasiya Religion
Guru / Teacher Ramanand

Sant Ravidas Image and Jayanti

Guru Ravidas Image and Essays Biography Jayanti wishes

Saint Shiromani Ravidas was the great poet and social reformer of the Bhakti era. His birth anniversary was very festive. Poems written by him and written songs are sung in festivals in India.
Every year, on the full moon day of Magh month, his birthday is celebrated with great joy and glee. People of Varanasi do not count its birth day less than any festival. A variety of programs are organized. The sacred evening and its statue is worshiped. Julius is removed. Their temples are well decorated.
In view of their popularity, the then Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Sant Ravidas Memorial Park at the cost of millions of rupees in Varanasi, the birthplace of great Saint Ravidas.

Date of Saint Ravidas Jayanti is as follows: –

2019: Tuesday, February 19

2020: Sunday, 9 February

2021: Saturday, 27 February

2022: Wednesday, February 16

History of sant Ravidas ji

Guru Ravidas Image and Jayanti: Saint Ravi Das was a spiritual and religious teacher. Historians about the birth and death of their. There are many differences. Sant Ravidas was born in 1371, in the village of seer Govardhanpur, Varanasi, on the occasion of the month of Magha month. Varanasi is located in Uttar Pradesh. He was born in the house of lowly caste Chamar. His mother was Mrs. Kalsa Debi and the father was Mr. Santokh Das.
His family business was to make leather shoes and repair it. His family’s main occupation & business was leather works. Babu Ravidas was very loyal to God since childhood. They had immense love with God.
They were of small caste. That is why they received great reproof from the upper caste people. Whom he bravely coped
He spent most of his time with sadhus, saints, monks As they grew up, they began to grow in harmony with the great saints and saints.
They were of the lower cast, so they could not become more popular in the higher caste. But as they thought of their thoughts, they all became their custodians. And after his death, each year, Magha celebrates Ravidas Jayanti in his memorial on the anniversary. There is a program of song-barn, band party and bhajan-dance etc.


Saint Ravidas was educated in his village. When he went to study the school, he was the mentor there, Pandit Sharadanand. When Guru Shardananda ordered them to read in the school, the upper caste people attacked and said that this is of low caste caste. They can not read with us and in this school.

There, on the other hand, Ravidas survived the difficulties of the child and won the hearts of everyone. Then it was known to Guru Shardananda that it is not a simple child, it is a form of God. Ravidas was also very clever in reading. There was a reserve of untiring courage and suspense, sacrifice and knowledge. He was a promising.

On seeing this, Guru Shardanand announced that this child will become a great magician who will give a new direction to a society.


Saint Ravidas always used to serve the sadhus-saints and the poor. They always talked about the good of people. Seeing this, his parents gave him marriage to Lona ji so that he might get better when the responsibilities of the household are there.

They also got a son, whose name is Vijay Das. After settling in the family bond, he settled the town of Begampura. He was a city where everyone could live peacefully without fear or fear. Saint Ravidas has mentioned the city of Isha in his creation.


However, some of his devotees believe that the death of Guru ji was naturally done in 120 or 126 years. Some believe that he died in Varanasi in 1540 AD. But some people consider him 151 years old.

meerabai and sant ravidas

Meerabai was the queen of Chittodgadh of Rajasthan. He considered Saint Ravidas as his guru. He was very much influenced by the life of Saint Ravidas. The scholars also have differences over this point.

Why do we celebrate ravidas jayanti

Sant Ravidas worked as a great poet, social reformer and exposing the malpractices in society. They tried to end the untimely and highly inferior disease in society. They taught all the people to be together. They presented the ideal for a human race.

Many of them were influenced by these qualities of them. They used to think positively. And he used to teach a lesson to the one who had a negative thought, because he loved big love. The reason for which the number of followers was greatly increased

The worship of Saint Ravidas is also done in the Sikh community. The song written by him is included in the Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

Recalling their sacrifice, people celebrate Ravidas Jayanti with great enthusiasm. Ravidas celebrates birth anniversary in the entire nation. Their temple is decorated. Julius is removed. The statue of Ravidas ji is rotated around it. Then there is Puja and Aarti in the temple. Prasad is then divided.

Importance significance of ravidas jayanti

Guru Ravidas Image: The paths mentioned by Saint Ravidas are very useful for our lives. In Ravidas Jayanti, we all remember him by singing his hymns and songs.

He was a great spiritual man. They had a lot of love for God. They used to say that we all are the children of God. In their eyes, people of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Ishi and Buddhist religions are all alike. Keep your mind and soul pure and calm. God is dwelling in pure and pure mind.

We all should want to follow the path mentioned by Saint Ravidas, only then will the welfare of the country, society and the general public. And the interest of mankind will be. ““मन चंगा तो कठौती में गंगा” These rows they used to always say.

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