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Paypal account in india and how does it work globally

PayPal account registration-पेपल अकाउंट कैसे बनाएं

PayPal Account: Friends, we have entered the 21st century. This era is the era of complete computerization. Nowadays everything has become online. See you in any field today.

If you have to send money online, or make online shopping or pay utility or mobile recharge or payment, everything is done online.

And you will find many online wallets for online payment, in which you can buy or purchase any item by putting money in a wallet.

You will get a message like this – get 10% off online payment and another 20% is giving up. The hood is engaged in this area.

Whether grocery market or any area Everyone wants to do online business to grow their business.

Online transactions by cash transactions are very good. Having online access to the customer is also getting cheap items.

Nowadays there are many available online. But the name of which I am about to tell is Paypal.

In the field of online payment, there are many companies, such as Paypal, Payza, Google Wallet, Paytm, Amazon, Aboy etc.

But in all these, PayPal is on the best and very number one rank. But you can also ease ease with PayPal and make transactions and shopping.
Then I will explain about PayPal in this article.

What is PayPal account and how does it work

Full Name PayPal holdings, Inc
Types of Business Private
Established 1998
Work Online Money Transfer
Corporate office San Jose, California
International Headquarter Singapore
Its founders Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, and Ken Hovery
Total Customers 254 million around the world
Support Currency 25 types
Software Development Centre Chennai

PayPal is a website that is owned by American company EBay. PayPal works as a payment transaction, such as online money transfer either by check or by money order.

You can also use PayPal in online shopping and at auction sites.

With PayPal’s Payment system, you can pay, or make a shopping all over the world, whether it is personal or business.

PayPal was founded in December 1998. But in 2002, EBay bought it. PayPal tie up with VeriSign in 2005 to increase the business of e-commerce.

PayPal has his head-office in California and the operations centre is built in Omaha. The second inter-national centre is in Singapore and the software development centre is set up in Chennai city in India.

According to the latest report of 2018, till date, PayPal is operating in 202 countries and 25 different currency transactions in the world.

PayPal can transfer money between personal and business accounts from electronic systems in minutes, in addition to you can send or receive instant payment for online auction on websites of purchase or sale, goods and services, or donate money. Or receive donations.

For all these services, it is very important for you to have PayPal’s account.

How can I open a PayPal account in India?

PayPal is a banking company offering very popular payment services around the world. Money transfers around the world. Most are done only by PayPal.

PayPal has 250 million customers around the world, they transact daily. PayPal is a very popular payment gateway.

It is easy to create an account in PayPal; there should be only one e-mail id. Because there is no account number in PayPal. You write PayPal’s website in your web browser: www.paypal.com

Three are types of accounts can be opened from PayPal: –

  • Shoppers
  • Business
  • Freelancers

You can create your account by selecting any one. Then a form will open. You fill all the details in that form:


Your e-mail id…….


Full name…

Date of Birth……..

Full Address…

Street number……



Pin Code

Pan card number…..


Your account will be ready after confirming so many details.

what type of paypal account do i have

Now we will know about these accounts: –

  1. for Shoppers:

These accounts create by vendors, who want to sell their product.

If you have a product that you want to sell with PayPal’s platform, you can promote your product by creating your account here. These sellers are in any corner of the world, they can sell their product here by joining PayPal. PayPal deduct his commission and sends the value of the product to the seller.

  1. for Business:

These accounts are for business people, who do business or operate.

Whose business is spread in many countries of the world and transact money.

And in the business of e-Commerce, the buyer purchases it by looking at his product from his website and pay online payment by his credit card. PayPal deduct his payment to his bank account and sends the remaining amount to his account.

The trader has to submit his registration number, complete address, pan-card number at the time of opening the account.

  1. for Freelancers:

These accounts are for those who work online, whether it is lottery or gambling, PTC side, anything can happen.

These are of two types: –

Individual Account and

Student Account

PayPal has also taken care of this facility for Students.

How to verify paypal account 2018

You need to have a bank account to verify PayPal. After submitting your bank account number to submit all your instructions, PayPal will send some amount to your bank account and you will complete your PayPal account after you complete the amount by typing in the box. Now

How to verify PayPal account with debit card

Go to the Verify menu of PayPal’s account section and click on Debit Card / Credit Card.

Then, by entering the number of Debit Card / Credit Card, click on OK button.

Now there will be a transaction with your Debit Card and your Debit Card / Credit Card will be linked to your PayPal as soon as the transaction is confirmed and will be automatic verified. .

PayPal aptitude questions and answers

Is PayPal banned in India?

No. You cannot make any transactions from PayPal within your country. You can do transactions only with debit and credit card.

Is PayPal accepted in India?

Yes paypal is available in India but only for domestic transactions.

Does PayPal accept Indian debit cards?

No PayPal accept only Visa card, American Express, Maestro Card etc. provided by bank

Can I receive money through PayPal in India?

Ya! of course. But after receive money it will automatically transfer to your respective bank account by the RBI guidelines. And after 3 or 4 days money credit in your Bank account.

How are PayPal fees calculated?

If your transaction in the USD, then you is charged 2.9% of the transaction amount plus a $0.30 USD flat fee (this amount is based on the currency of the payment). We take an example, for understanding suppose a payment of $50 USD will be charged $1.75 USD processing fee ($1.45 + $0.30).Dec 1, 2017

Latest Articles

PayPal digital marketing

PayPal is a good source of digital marketing: –

He works on 4Ps principle. Which means – product, price, place and promotion?

Product: You can buy and sell anything from PayPal to your product. PayPal will pay you with 25 currencies. You can also subtract their debit and credit card. Any business can do business and personal.

Price: You can pay from Minimum Charges from PayPal.

Place: – PayPal deals with 200 countries. So you can also work with PayPal.

Promotion: PayPal is primarily being used online for digital marketing strategies to promote its products and services. For e-commerce customers PayPal has made payments easier.

It has a strong presence on the Internet with visibility on various social media platforms. The features that PayPal offers make people and businesses really want to know about it in the long term. Their marketing online educates customers PayPal is an important product nowadays it does not need to spend much on promotions yet they do their bit to increase customer base and today have over 180 million active accounts worldwide….

Make money online PayPal fast

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