School Life Paragraph for Class 7 in 500 words…..

School Life Paragraph for Class 7 in 500 words…..

School life paragraph

School Life:- Student life is important time of all. Some people enjoy this time very much, but they do not have a husband or remain deliberately ignorant that if they do well in this life, they will get to enjoy the whole life.

The student life of any child is its foundation. If you start a good foundation at this time, your whole life will be cut off easily. Therefore, all the students should not waste this time at all and use it properly.
Let’s try to know what a student should do at this time so that his future is bright.

  • All students should be aware of their education.
  • He should be absolutely serious on studies, because education is the foundation of our life. If our foundation is strong then our future will be safe.
  • If you have done a good study, then many avenues will be opened for you.
  • If you have done your graduate well and have a good grasp on subjects such as English, Science and Mathematics, then many avenues will be opened for life. Or you can also become administrative officer by preparing IAS. Therefore, this time you should take very thoughtful steps.
  • One should stay away from bad and wrong company. Should be friends with good people.
    Along with studies, you should also pay attention to sports. Because sports are also considered as the basis of life. You can also make a career through sports.

This time is very interesting time for our life when we are in school. At this time, we should pay great attention to the things of the father and the teacher.

And parents should also create an atmosphere for the children to study at home, because the first school of the family is there. And special attention should be paid to your children so that they do not spoil.

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