Paragraph on Unity in English for Students & Teachers

Paragraph on Unity in English for Students & Teachers

Paragraph on Unity 300 words

Unity means living together. It has great power. When everyone stays united, any enemy outside is afraid of collision. Unity is a great force for society and country. When a family lived together with united then this family always developed in every field. The same thing applies on state and country.

It is easy to break a single thread, but when all these threads are made together into a rope, it is very difficult to break it. Have you ever tried to think like that? If not, it is called integration.

A lot of stories are based on this subject, which proves that there is a great power in unity. There is an idiom that states that there is strength in unity. Therefore we should live together in our family. Only then will the country and society and the state develop.

How we defined Unity?

We can easily defined that when two or more object, peoples, state and countries merge and created group is called integration. And it has more power to doing something.

We all know that uni-ty is the strength very well, but anyone not follow this. It is the misfortune of our country. Therefore our country remained a slave of foreigner of many years.

In history of India proved that due to unity Mughals kept as slave our country almost 800 years. Also an Englishman kept slaves of India for 200 years. The emperor of our country supported to the foreigner invader and not support himself but to a bit greed. They did not know that one day we will get slavery.

Therefore we urge to all youth of our country that integration is the great power and maintain it and not fight each other.

Benefit of Unity

  • If you all live together then you will get help and support from each other. So that you will never miss anything.
  • Living together will help money.
  • By living together, there will be no fear of the enemy.
  • In this way the welfare of the country will also be there.
  • Good guidance will also be available.
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