Paragraph on Discipline 300 words in English for students

Paragraph on Discipline 300 words in English for students

Paragraph on discipline

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When we follow the rules, give proper respect to our elders and obey them and behave properly, that is discipline.

When we obey the rule made by the country or the state, then only the state and the country get welfare.

When we follow the rules of our society and our family in our life, then our life is filled with prosperity. There is a kind of normality in our lives. It is a pleasure to work in the rules. Then every task becomes simple. This is the reason that there is an effort to maintain discipline in schools.

You must have heard that discipline makes the country great.

It means following rules and regulations. Follow the discipline are very essential for our life. In the absence of rules, life becomes indiscriminate and monotonous.

Some people feel indifferent, selfish and proud towards each other. Therefore, without discipline, life seems meaningless. Therefore, it is our duty to become great like great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam etc. to become a successful person in life. We must take inspiration from the life of these great personalities to live with discipline.

Children have mental and intellectual development when they obey their parents and follow their words. It is a must for all walks of life. It is very important, whether in school or at home, in the office or in the factory, in the playground or in the field of war.


Due to lack of discipline, there is anarchy and anti-social elements in the society. Peace and order disappear. The social and economic structure reverses. Therefore, a rule is made everywhere and it is followed.

If someone wishes to achieve goal in life, one has to be disciplined or else nothing could be achieved. Lack of discipline in one`s life is like a ship without a rudder, you are totally lost, from everybody and from everything.


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