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My School Paragraph 100 words in English for Children

My School paragraph 100 words The school is an education centre. All children come here every day to study. There…

My School paragraph 100 words

The school is an education centre. All children come here every day to study. There is a huge building.  The teachers here are very good. The school has separate room for headmaster. There are separate rooms for teachers, reading room, library and office. It also has a horticulture and park, which is full of various fruits and vegetables. The atmosphere has a refreshment, gymnasium and parking in its frontage. There is a huge sports ground behind the gate, where the children play different types of sports like football, cricket, hockey and kabaddi.

My School paragraph 200 words

  • Where the kids and children gain education is called a school.
  • It is a temple of education.
  • It is located outside the city far away from populations.
  • There are very wide and good conditions grand building.
  • The courtyard of the school is very beautiful.
  • The atmosphere of there is very fine .
  • The climate here is very beautiful.
  • There are wide classroom and airy for all.
  • There is a garden in front of the gate and a pond next to it.
  • There are different buildings for every class, such as headmaster, reading room, library etc.
  • It also has horticulture and a large playground where children are taught different kinds of sports. There reading classes up to class 10.
  • It has computer lab and also a science lab for science.
  • The festival is celebrated very well and prosperity . Our school has a sporting club.
  • There are good teachers . Debate competition takes place in our school.
  • There are good teachers and much trained; they are very expert in their subject.
  • It also has a separate teacher for painting and exercise.
  • It offers annual country visit to the senior students to many places.
  • It takes part in curriculum activities like sports, quiz competition, speeches etc.

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