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Happy World Sleep Day 2020, wishes and quotes | 300+ words

World Sleep Day 2020, wishes and quotes

God has made day or night for different purposes for all creatures. He made the day for work and fulfill their sweet dreams, but night mode to take complete rest.

Food is essential for us; similarly sleeping is very important. But nowadays everyone has become so busy to fulfill their daily needs he forgets it. They do not sleep well. They forget how to take good sleep at bed. Therefore as a result they have to face many types of diseases.

What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep society organized a committee in 2008 and announced that on 13 March every year World Sleep Day would be celebrated. Since all the Countries of the World celebrate it happily. The goal and main purpose of celebrating this festival are too aware of good and healthy sleep.  They have to realize that good and healthy sleep has many benefits in our life.  Sleep is part of our life. Therefore we all celebrate the benefits of WSD.

It is very important for a healthy human body to take good sleep for almost 6 to 8 hours daily in 24 hours. But unfortunately if did not do so then your body not work properly and it becomes a mental deformity. Your body and muscles need a complete rest. Your brain does not work properly.  An adult should take 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day.

Every creature’s sleep timing is fixed and if you do not sleep you will become a mental illness. You will have to fight many hearts and brain-related diseases. Therefore you have to face many problems.

You remain healthy and intelligent and your face always shines.

Early to bed and early to rise become healthy wealthy and wise.

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