Christmas wishes and a short paragraph in English

Paragraph on Christmas

Christmas is a popular Christian festival. Therefore this festival is celebrated every year on 25 December. We remembrance of the birthday of Christ, the Messiah of Christians, as a Christmas festival. On this day, Lord Jesus Christ was born. We also known as a big day.

People of Christian community eagerly wait for this festival. They decorate their homes. Adult and children wear new clothes, greet each other and eat and feed sweets.

This festival is a mutual brotherhood and love harmony. Therefore everyone celebrates happiness.

Christian people cook a varieties of dishes this day. Movement and excitement in the markets increases. Therefore houses and markets are illuminated with colourful lights. Santa rises everywhere from the fountain of the Kalaj.

On the occasion Churches are cleaned and decorated with colored bulbs. Many programs are organized about Jesus Christ.

Many places of the city, on the night before Christmas, there is a nightly prayer meeting in the churches which runs till 12 in the night. At exactly 12 o’clock, people give Christmas greetings to their loved ones and celebrate. And by bowing to pop, they take blessings.

Since morning of Christmas, special prayer meetings take place in the churches. In many places processions are taken out by the Christian community on this day. In which the tableau of Lord Jesus Christ is presented, in which the story of the idea of God and love of people is told. Not only Christian communities, people of other religions also pray by lighting candles in the church on this day.

This day, everyone puts a Christmas tree in their courtyard and gives gifts to each other. Cakes also have special significance in this festival. Hence It is incomplete without it.  called Merry Christmas.

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Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Christ-mas is the main festival of Christian. They remember the memory of Jesus Christ.  They believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he came for us. This day Jesus Christ has born and all the Christian family celebrate his birth day as Christmas.

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