Age Related Questions in Hindi with answer for students

Age Related Questions in Hindi with answer Age Related Question in Hindi :- Age Related question in hindi always ask in examination one or more.  We here explaining short and easy tricks for solve age related question in this articles. We will be writing age related questions are many parts. You must read. Q1.काजल तथा […]

General Mathematics Examples- mixed solved Examples for all part-I

Table of Contents General Mathematics Examples with answersGeneral Mathematics Examples question and answerMath quiz questions and answers for high schoolGeneral maths quiz questions with answers General Mathematics Examples with answers General Mathematics Examples:- इस लेख में हमने विभिन्न खंड से महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न को चुन–चुन कर आपके लिए इकठ्ठा किया है जो आपके लिए अतिउपयोगी है […]

Square root and Cube root Maths with answers for all

Square root and cube root introduction and solved problems Square root and cube root: – Here we explain some easy trick to solving problems related to square root and cube root. Square root (वर्गमूल):- किसी संख्या का वर्गमूल वह संख्या है जिसे अपने से गुना करने पर दी गई संख्या प्राप्त हो , जैसे x […]

Essay on Cow in English for Children and Students

Essay on Cow in English for kids Essay on Cow:- The cow is a domestic animal, we also called cow-mother or Gau-mata. Gau-Mata is a pragmatic animal for Hinduism. Everyone in the villages pet a cow. It has great and many benefits. Funny essay on cow: Long & short The cow is a household and […]

Full Meaning of internet in English and its benefits.

What is full meaning of Internet? Full Meaning of internet:- What is Internet? This is very strange object. Today’s youth connect from morning to night through computer, laptop, tab or smart phones through internet. They also live chat on the social networking side, play group groups on Whatsapp.  Listen to music and watch videos in music, […]

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