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Noor un nisa (Noor Inayat Khan) inayat khan biography

Noor Inayat Khan : If you talk about detective, then the name of Noor Inayat Khan is at the top, because he has done his work, his name will be written with the golden letters in the history page.

In the Second World War, he became a detective and condemned Germany’s dictator Hitler. They have been honoured with awards, which have only three women in the world today.

Noor Inayat Khan was a detective, who had played an important role in the Second World War for the Allies.

Though she was a woman, she had the courage to do so. She is one of the women whose sacrifice and courage story is prevalent in the United Kingdom and France. Seeing their same sacrifices and courage, the Commonwealth realms were honored with George Cross. And their statue has been placed in London’s Garden Square Museum.

Noor Inayat Khan Early Life

Name                    Noor un Nisa Inayat Khan

Other Name          Nora Inayat Khan

Name                      Nora Baker

Birth Date              01 January 1914

Birth Place             Moscow, Soviet Union

Death                     13 September 1944

Death Place           Germany

Fathers Name        Inayat Khan

Mothers Name      Pirani Ameena Begum

Profession              Womens Auxuliary Air Force Special Operations Excutive

Rank in Post          Special Operations Excutive (SOE)

Award                      George Cross & Croix de guerre

Brothers Name      Vilayat (1916) & Hidayat ( 1917) & Sister Khair Un Nisa (1919)

Who is Noor Inayat Khan ?

Nur Inayat Khan was born on 01 January 1914 in Moscow, capital of Russia. His father’s name was Inayat Khan and mother’s name was Pirani Ameena Begum. His father was of Indian origin and his mother was American.

Noor Inayat Khan statue

Inayat Khan was the first of four children of his parents. In his family, there were three more brothers and sisters, besides Noor Inayat Khan, whose names are as follows: Vilayat Inayat Khan, Hidayat Khan and sister Khair Nisa.

His father was a well-known teacher and had settled in Europe to promote his own secular religion.He was a musician. And he used to live his life only from the mode of music. Nur Inayat Khan also wanted to walk on the steps of his father. They also had full knowledge of music.

They knew very well how to play harmonium and piano.After World War I, Nur’s father came to London from Moscow, and Nur Inayat Khan took education in a nursery school in Notting Hill in Bloomsbury. In this way, Nur Inayat Khan’s childhood just lived.

In 1920, his family moved to France and settled in Suresnes, Paris. The house he lived in was found by the house Sufi society.

In the year 1927, his father, Inayat Khan, passed away. After that, the burden of responsibility of his family and younger siblings came to his shoulders.

Nur Inayat Khan was a shy and quiet nature girl. He did not turn away from his responsibilities and started promoting music education. He began to write poems for his career and wrote stories for young children and had knowledge of French language, he also started contributing to the French Radios.

They were very fond of reading books and they got inspiration from them. Influenced by Jataka Tales of Buddhism in 1939, he wrote a book named Twenty Jataka Tales, which was published in London.

Noor Inayat Khan as Auxiliary Air Force

During the Second World War, on 22nd, 1940, Noor Inayat Khan came back to London via the sea route and settled in Falmouth Cornwall.

Nur Inayat Khan was a cool temperament and a faint hearted girl. She could not tolerate the tyranny of the Nazi army and to join the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in the Army in 1940 and to become the radio operator to eradicate the tyranny of the Nazi army. Because of Nur’s good knowledge of the French language, he soon got a position in France’s special army.

The work of Nur Inayat Khan was by detective to find out who wants to destroy Britain. That is why the Alliance was a special army, in which Nur Inayat Khan got the place.

His code was Word Medellin, he changed his identity and collected information and sent the message to his head office.

noor inayat khan documentary

She was a pretty woman, so no one doubted her. Hitler hit him. Hitler became worried how our data is leaking, who among us is reaching our enemy to our notice.

When the investigation by the German army got intensified, Nur continued to send notification as a nurse. But there was something more to be desired.

Eventually, Noor Inayat Khan was captured by the German army and he was sent to jail. However, he tried to escape and tried to escape, but could not succeed.

How Nur Inayat Khan died?

Then he was kept in a prison called Fauzaiim and he was tried to spit everything out.

Noor inayat khan biography,Life History, Death Wikipedia

Then she was shifted to Dachau centration Camp and they were tortured differently, yet she did not say anything. They were shot in 1958. He was murdered at the age of 30 years. He did not tell anyone’s name even though he was very tortured.

Nur Inayat Khan : Honour & Reward

After his death, Britain’s highest award in London was awarded to George Cross and France was rewarded with copper shields. Nur Inayat Khan’s statue was unveiled on November 8, 2012, by Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Now a picture of Nur Inayat Khan will be printed on 50 pound notes in London.

noor inayat khan movie online

Famous writer Shravani Basu has discussed about his book “Spie Princes i.e. Detective Princess- Noor Inayat Khan“.

Now Indian filmmaker Tabrez Noorani and Zafar Hai, Noor Inayat Khan is going to make a film on the biography. He has gained the right to make a film on the book ‘Spy Princess’, namely Detective Princess – Noor Inayat Khan’ by Shravani Basu.

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