What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing: step by step Guide in English

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing: step by step Guide in English

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing ?

Now a day’s Amazon is very popular, it every bloggers know very well. It is Amazon owned company. Amazon knows that India is country of bloggers. If we target him then his customer’s base created very easily. Keep this in mind; Amazon lunched the Amazon affiliate program on 8 July 2013 in India.

The main aim to launching it to reach the maximum numbers of peoples and build a huge customer base. Amazon associate and Amazon affiliate both are same. It is free for all website owners.

How are you friends! Well, Nice. We learn about Amazon. It is a great company and based on US. It is a great E-Commerce company. We are writing about Amazon. This is a great gift for blogger. Amazon allow to bloggers monetizing their own blogs and targeted traffic and earning some cash. When a new blogger starts a blogs at that time he did not earn any money at that time Amazon help to him grow and their blogs and earn some pocket money.

Amazon is a great marketplace or hub. It’s not any its product. It’s created a system and promotes products in the market. All product manufacturing company connect with him and sell their product.

How Earn From Amazon

It is hassle free earn money from Amazon. But should know some facts about.

First create a blogs or website with any niche. After become a member of Amazon associates it is 100% free and makes a referral link. After promote Amazon products in your website according to your niche.

When any users visit your website and click your referal link and buy any product. After buying product Amazon pay to you a handsome referal commission as per his rules. Similarly you can earn a part time income regularly and every time.

How we become Amazon Affiliate 

It provides free of cost Amazon provides to all who becomes affiliate. Follow these steps for joining for Amazon associates.

Amazon is a great multinational company. It offers a great chance to website owners to create some income by promoting its products. We already know that it has no any products.

You cannot take benefit if no website, so first you have to create a website or blogs. And have a good traffic, because when lots of visitors visit your website and see your promoted product and click that link and if he like then buy anyone them e.g. Smartphone, camera, laptop etc and many more. But you should have to promote daily product of Amazon associates.


But let us know how to become a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program. We already know that it is a big company in America. It has 5 star ratings and their quarterly revenue is $70 billion and net income is &2.9 billion.

Follow these steps for joining for Amazon associates and becomes its member.

  • Start a blog or website.
  • Visit the official website of Amazon Associates.
  • Fill the details and create a profile.
  • Create your refer link and promote anywhere.

Start a blog or website

To join the Amazon affiliate program, you must have a blog, website or app. Blog, website and app should be developed and best niche and good content.

After accepting it’s terms and condition you have to describe purpose of your website, blog or app. And how many traffic to gain monthly basis and from where. Amazon show ads on your blogs or websites and targeted the visitors.

Amazon asks to you where you get traffic and how then you clarify about this.After knowing all then Amazon allow to your blog, website or app for monetization.

Visit the Amazon associates program home page




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