How to Earn Publish post and earn money via Uc browser QMN

How to enable Monetization

Follow the strict steps for monetization your post.

  • You need at least 2000 page view in any single post . Do not worry you can achieve it easily for this you have to write best title and write article on trending topics.
  • To qualify monetization achieve index point 30. For this no need doing anything. Write article regularly with fresh content no use copy paste from anywhere. Index point increase automatically.

  • Your account should be at least 7 days old.
  • You need to upgrade basic to advance partner. It automatically had done no need to doing anything.

  • If your index point reached more than 70 then you received extra 20% ad revenue as bonus.

  • If your index point reached more than 80 then you received extra 20% ad revenue as bonus.

  • If your index point is 40 to 50 then you can post 2 content per day 50 to 70 then 3 and 70 to 100 then post 5 content per day.

If you follow above rules, then your channel will be monetized. And there will be advertisement show on your post. And your earning will start.

How to approve my post in Uc news

If you want to approve my submitted post in Uc news then follow these rules.

  • Always publish fresh and new content never copy paste from anywhere.
  • Do not publish any fake news or videos on it. Uc team gave you 3 warning at last your account removed permanently.
  • Never post illegal topics about quarrel, vulgar, revenge any religion and porn, otherwise your account suspended permanently.
  • Do not use different language in one single post it may be suspended.
    Do not write porn related content and image that related to porn or pointed to sexual.
  • If you write article on politics niche then do not favour any political party.

  • Always use clean and content related images.

Benefit of Uc media partner program

Connecting with an Uc media program partner there are many benefits

  • We can write happening around you by making a trend topic.
  • There is a lot of voice function available for writing posts in Hindi language, so that you can record your voice in Hindi.
  • Articles of the trending topic, whatever language it may be, can be converted into Hindi from Google Translator and published on this platform by changing it a bit.
  • If you have a YouTube Creator, you can get good traffic by uploading such videos here.
  • From here you can also generate good traffic for your website.

How earn money from Uc Browser

After your channel is monetized, your payment will be made automatically. And when 50 dollars is completed, then you can withdraw this income with your bank account.

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