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linear equations in one variable word problems with solutions

linear equations in one variable word problems with solutions

http://linear equations in one variable word problems with solutions

Linear Equation in One Variables

Linear Equations: A linear equation is a small unit of algebra in which we can denotes in the form
ax +b= c
, where a, b, and c are real numbers and .

Linear equations questions ask in every exams in objective type question. So we advice to all students that read question before carefully before solve the question.

We sharing here some strategy for solve the linear equations.

Problem-Solving Strategy for Applications of Linear Equations
Step 1: Define the Problem. Read the problem carefully, or multiple times
if necessary. Identify what you are trying to find and determine what
information is available to help you find it.

Step 2: Assign Variables. Choose a variable to assign to an unknown quantity in the problem. For example, use p for price. If other unknown quantities exist, express them in terms of the selected variable.

Step 3: Translate into an Equation. Use the relationships among the known and unknown quantities to form an equation.

Step 4: Solve the Equation. Determine the value of the variable and use the result to find any other unknown quantities in the प्रॉब्लम.
Step 5: Check the Reasonableness of Your Answer. Check to see if your
answer makes sense within the context of the problem. If not, check your work for errors and try again.

Step 6: Answer the Question. Write a clear statement that answers the question(s) posed.

linear equations examples and answers

Q.1,  If 5x + 4 = 9 , what is the value of x?
Sol ve:- 5x+4=9
=>x=5 Ans.
Q.2, If 3x + 4 = 2x + 6, then what is x?
Solve:   3x+4=2x+6
=>x=2 Ans.
Q.3, If 15x+6=36, what is x?
Solve: 15x+6=36
x=2 Ans.

linear equation word problems with solution

Q.4,  If 21x+3=66, what is the value of x?

Solve: 21x+3=66
=> 21x+3=66
=>x =63/21
x=3 Ans.
Q.5  If 9x + 9 = 81, what is x?
Solve: 9x+9=81
=> 9x=81-9
x=8 Ans.

Q.6 , If 9999x+1=10000, what is x?
Solve:   9999x+1= 10000
=> 9999x= 10000-1
=>9999x= 9999
x=1 Ans.
Q.7,  If 3x + 6 = 9, what is x?
Solve: 3x+6=९
=> 3x=9-6
=> 3x= 3
=>x= 3/3
x=1 Ans
Q.8, If 91x + 9 = 100, what is value x?
Solve : 91x+9 =100
=> 91x= 100-9
=> 91x=91
=> x =91/91
x=1 Ans
Q.9, If 39x+1=40, what is x?
Solve : 39x+1=40
=> 39x =40-1
=> 39x=39
=> x=39/39
x=1  Ans
Q.10,  If 5x + 5 = 0, what is x?
Solve:  5x+5 =0
=> 5x= -5
=> x= -5/5
x= -1 Ans
Q.11,  If 15x+2=32, what is x?
Solve : 15x +2 =32
=>15 x= 32-2
=> 15x =30
=> x=30/15
x=2 Ans
Q. 12,  If 6x+14=80, what is x?
Solve:  6x+14 =80
=> 6x =80-14
=> 6x= 66
x=11 Ans
Q.13, If 8x + 3 = 27, what is x?
Solve : 8x+3 =27
=> 8x=27-3
=>8x =24
=> x=24/8
x=3 Ans
Q. 14  If x-9=4 then x=?
Solve :  x-9=4
    => x=4+9
    => x=13 Ans
Q.15   If 17x+3=20, what is x?
 Solve : 17x+3 =20
      => 17x=20-3
      => 17x =17
         x=1 Ans
Q. 16,  If 3x=9, what is x?
Solve: 3x=9
     => x=9/3
     x=3 Ans.
Q. 17  If 11x+6=28 what is x?
Solve: 11x+6=28
=>11x= 22
x=2 Ans
Q.18 , If 12x = 144, what is x?
x=12 Ans
Q.19, If 2x = 100, what is x?
Solve: 2x=100
x=50 Ans.
Q.20, If 8 + 2 = 10x, what is x?
Solve: 8+2=10x
=> 10=10x ( take common 10 both sides)
x=0 Ans
Q.21, If 4x = 20, what is x?
Solve: 4x=20
=> x= 20/4
x=5 Ans
Q.22, If 144/x = 12, what is x?
Solve: 144/x=12
By cross multiplication method
x=12 Ans
Q.23, If 5 + 4x = 105, what is x?
Solve: 5+4x=105
x=25 Ans.
Q.24, If 2 + 4x = 102, what is x?
 Solve: 2+4x=102
=> 4x=102-2
x=25 Ans.
Q.25 , If 20x+1=201, what is x?
=> 20x=201-1
=> 20x= 200
=> x=200/20
x=10 Ans
Q.26,  If 65x+8=73, what is x?
=> 65x=73-8
x=1 Ans.
Q.27, If 100x=0, what is x?
Solve :
=> x=0/100
x=0 Ans
Q.28, If 60x + 30 = 150, what is x?
60x+30 =150
=> 60x=150-30
x=2 Ans.
Learn : LCM and HCF 
Q.29, What is the value of X/Y, if X+Y=76 and X-Y=38?
we find out the value of X/Y=?
we have, x +y =76 and x -y 38
adding both equation
=> x + y =76 + x-y =38
=> 2x =114
x= 57 Ans
now we verify that x=57 correct or not
put the value of x in first equation, x +y =76
=> y =76–57= 19
means my answer is correct.

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