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Krishna sobti biography Life History in English for Students

Krishna sobti biography: Short & Long for students

Krishna Sobti: Krishna Sobti was a fictional writer and essayist in Hindi language. He has portrayed various aspects of the female caste in his article.
His work has been exposed to the untimely mystery of life. He was one of the great writers of Hindi world.
Due to his extraordinary talent in Hindi literature, he was also honoured with many awards.

Krishna sobti biography: a Hindi literature writer

Krishna sobti biography Life History in English for Students

Full Name Krishna Sobti
Birthday 18 February 1925
Birth place Gujarat, Punjab province (now in Pakistan) British, India
Died 25 January 2019 (New Delhi)
Grand Father Sahib G.C.Sobti
Father Diwan Prithviraj Sobti
Mother Smt Durga Sobti
Little Sister Sushma Abbi
Elder Sister Raj Chopra
Brother Jagdish Sobti
Knowledge of language Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit and English
Occupation writer (fiction and essayist)
Language Hindi Literature
Nationality Indian
Major Novels Daar se Bichchudi (1958), Surajmukhi Andhere me, Yaaron Ke Yaar , Zindaginama, Tin Pahad, Ai Ladki, Mitro Marjani etc.
Awards: Sahitya Academic Awards (in 1980), Sahitya Academic Fellowship (in 1996)& Jnanpith Award (in 2017)

Krishna Sobti, the chief novelist of Hindi literature, was born on February 18, 1925 in the city of Gujarat, Punjab. After partition of India, that province has moved to Pakistan.

Sobti taught education with her three siblings from Delhi and Shimla. Because her family works under the British government.

He was doing his higher education from Fateh Chand College of Lahore, but after the partition of India, he returned to Delhi. And settled in Delhi permanently.

Sobti spent her entire life alone. And in the end when he married Shivnath at the age of 70 who was the author of a Dogri language.

And in this way, she wrote a lot of articles on the tyranny and superstition of the society and the tyranny of women, through his own essay and fictional article. He portrayed the true picture of society by creating literature through his writing.

They wrote a lot of compositions, which really give a living example. In which the vulgarity of Customs and the woman in the society is well described.

In view of his social service, the Government of India was honoured with the Sahitya Acaademi Award for his outstanding novel Zindaginama in the year 1980. And in 1996, he was elected Fellowship of Literary Academy. The Hindi literature is the highest honour.

He has been awarded the highest prizes in Hindi literature. In the year 2017 he was awarded the Jnanpith Award.

Krishna Sobti Life Story: at a glance

Despite being endowed with uniqueness, Krishna, though, he considered himself as ordinary. He was a straightforward, happy and lively person. They liked to stay away from the world’s lucky lives. She herself would say – what is in me that which is not in you.

Then she says, the spirit which is inside me, she inherited from the family.

He seeks God in his own existence, and considers God to be a omnipotent one.Instead of adopting the conservative structure created by society, he believes in adopting the equitable path created on his own.

Language Knowledge of Krishna sobti

Krishna Sobti had a good catch on Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit and English besides Hindi. In his work, he used idioms based on these languages.

He believed that – Knowing a language is not enough, but rather to add new words that create new words. That’s the same.

Krishna Sobti believes in less meaningless but less meaning than writing more than writing.

Stories Collection of Krishna sobti

Novels List

  1. Surajmukhi Andhere me ( 1972)
  2. Zindaginama (1979): This is their most famous novel.
  3. Dil-o-Danish (1993)– In this, Hindi-Urdu portrays mixed regional characteristics.
  4. Samay Sargam (2000)
  5. Gujrat Pakistan se Gujarat Hindustan (2017): In this he has written about his personal life.

Stories Collections:

  1. Badlon ke Ghere (1980)
  2. Daar se Bichchudi (1958)
  3. Mitro Marjani (1967)
  4. Yaron Ke Yaar (1968)
  5. Tin Pahad (1968)
  6. Ai Ladki (1991)
  7. Jaini Meharban Singh (2007)


  1. Hum Hashmat 1 (1997)
  2. Hum Hashmat 2 (1999)
  3. Hum Hashmat 3
  4. Sobti Ek Sohbat (1989)
  5. Shabdon ke Alok me.
  6. Shobti Vaid Sanvad
  7. Muktibodh: Ek Vaiktitva sahi ke talash me.
  8. Lekhak Ka Jantantra (2018)
  9. Marfat Dilli (2018)
  10. Buddha ka Kamandal Laddakh

 Award winner of Krishna sobti
  • He has been summoned from many awards for his wonderful and unique writing.
  • He won the Sahitya Academy Award for his most famous novel, Zindaginama, in 1980.
  • In the year 1981, he was awarded the Sahitya Shiromani Award. Apart from this, the Crossword Book Award 2005, Krishna Sobati Maithilisaran gupt award Sahitya Kala Parishad award, and Katha Chudamani awards.

Krishna Sobti lived with her husband in his flats in Mayur Vihar.

After the death of husband Shivnath, she used to live alone, because she had no child.

He was walking ill for a long time. And finally, due to prolonged illness, he passed away at a private hospital on January 25, 2019 at 8:30.

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