World oceans day 2021 celebration and theme- विश्व महासागर दिवस का इतिहास

विश्व महासागर दिवस [World Oceans Day ] कब और क्यों मनाया जाता है

World ocean day 2021 celebration and theme- विश्व महासागर दिवस का इतिहास

world oceans day celebrated 8 June in everywhere in the world. After the approach of Union Nation and its rule it decided to we every year on 8th June celebrate World Oceans Day. What i Oceans. Many of among not know about it and never tried to knowing about this. Through this post we will learn about oceans and its beneficial with details. A large numbers of Seas is called oceans . Sea create a atmosphere for us. Seas balance ecological system of the earth. Oceans plays a many vital role in my daily routine life. 


Oceans is the very necessary for us. The sufficient oxygen level and ecosystem balance is very necessary for the every species on the earth. That is the main aim to celebrate world oceans day. Now we tell to every one about the benefit of oceans and aware to him .


If you think oceans how help us and how we get benefit from them. Then you not know and you never tried to knowing that. If you listen about beneficial of oceans then you amazing himself. Oceans is a true friends of atmosphere. And they always help us to live animals.


The one third is covered with water of entire earth. In other words the seventy percents is water is water in the earth. Only 30 percentage space is suitable for species. Oceans water keep warm in my environment. Many rared animals live in the oceans water and all are help to environment directly or indirectly.


World Oceans Day 2021 Theme

The theme of World oceans day 2021 is Life and Livelihoods’. .It is confirmed by Union Nations every year.  The ocean is considered to be home to most of the Earth’s biodiversity. The ocean is the key to our economy.  

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