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Guru Govind Singh Biography

Guru Govind Singh : The birth anniversary of Guru Govind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs is celebrated every year on 5th January.

He took over the position of tenth Guru of the Sikhs only at the age of 9 years. Guru Gobind Singh was a spiritual leader, great warrior and poet devotee.

Gurubani and Bhajan-Sandha program is done every day in the sub-day of Guru’s birth in a week before his birth day.

On this day, Sikh community celebrates their birth anniversaries with happiness. All around, there is an initiative, the program of store is done, and the procession is removed. There is a huge bhandara program in Gurdwara, charioteer and procession is also taken out.

Guru Govind Singh Early Life History

Birth Name                             Gobind Rai

Date of birth                         5 January 1666

Birth place                            Patna, Bihar, India

Death                                  07 Oct 1708 (age 42 years)

Death Place                            Nanded, Maharashtra, India

Religion                               Sikhism

Father                                Guru Teg Bahadur ( 9th Guru of Sikh)

Mother                                 Mata Gujri

Wives                                  He had three wives, Mata Jito, Mata Sundari and Mata Sahib Kaur

Sons                                  Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh

Daughter                              no

Known for                          Founder of the famous Khalsa Panth

Composition                      Jaap sahib, Chandi di var, Taav -Prasad Savaiye, Zafranama, Bachittar Natak, Akal Utstat, Chaupai

Successor                            Guru Granth Sahib

Other Popular Names                 Sarvaswani, Kalgidhar, Dashmesh, Bajangwale, Sant Sipahi.

Guru Govind Singh was born on January 05, 1966 in Patna, Bihar. His father’s name was Teg Bahadur, who was the ninth Guru of the Sikhs, and the mother’s name was Mata Gujri. Guru Govind Singh was the only child of his parents. At the time of his single son’s birth, his father went to the teachings of religion in Assam etc. His childhood name was Govind Rai.

The patriarch of Patna, where Shri Patna Sahib was born, was the philosophical site of the Sikhs. After 4 years of Guru Govind Singh’s birth, his family came to Anandpur Sahib in Punjab.

In Anandpur Sahib, Guru Govind Singh learned Punjabi, Persian and Sanskrit and learned military skills for martial arts.

Anandpur was an Anand in truth. Guru Govind Singh Chakk Nanaki used to read the lessons of peace, religion, fearlessness and humanity to all the locals in Anandpur Sahib. He himself was an inexcusable and a living soul of peace.

At that time Aurangzeb was ruled and was forcibly converting. The person who did not accept the religion of Islam was cut off. And on 11 November 1675, Guru Tegh Bahadur was also cut off. Guru Tegh Bahadur declared Guru Govind Singh as his successor before his death.

On March 29, 1676, on the day of Vaisakhi, Guru Govind Singh became the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. After that he learned writing, studying horse-riding, martial-art and bowl mode, and built an epic in 1684 under the name of Paota, on the banks of river Yamuna – Chandi de War which is in Punjabi language, good and evil in this epic The victory of good has been shown in the fight.

How many wives Guru Govind Singh had?

At that time there was a tradition of child marriage in Punjab. And Guru Govind Singh had three wives.

  • Hence, on 21 June 1677, Guru Gobind Singh was married to Anandpur, 10 km away from Anandpur in Basantgarh with Mata Jito , from which he had three sons and daughters, namely, Jujhar Singh, Jorwar Singh And Fateh Singh
  • On April 4, 1684, at the age of 17 in Anandpur, Guru Gobind Singh did the second marriage to Mother Sundari and she had a son, whose name is – Ajit Singh.
  • On April 15, 1700, at the age of 33, he made his third marriage with Mata Sahib Kaur and she had no children.

How was Guru Gobind Singh Remember for?

Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. He established the Khalsa Panth, which is an important event of the history of the Sikhs. He gathered the holy rules of Sikhism and the words of Sadguru and compiled the holy book of the Guru, Guru Granth Sahib. He was a great religious leader, scholar and warrior.


Guru Govind Singh facts    

  • Guru Gobind Singh was born on January 5, 1966, in the Patna’s takht shri Harimandar sahib , in the house of Mata Gujri and Guru Tegh Bahadur in the Sodhi Khatri family. His childhood name was Gobind Rai.
  • In 2019, the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh was celebrated, whereas his birthday is 05 January.
  • He became the tenth Guru of the Sikhs Community at the age of 9.
  • The all attribute are available a Gurus ,simplicity, purity, protection of religion and respect big and small peoples.
  • He compilled a guru granth sahib with sikhs religion text.
  • He founded the Panj Pyaree or the Khalsa Panth and made some rules: hair, comb, kara, saber, kachera etc. And Gobind Rai from Guru Gobind Singh went.
  • He gave the message of morality, fearlessness and spiritual awakening in human nature.
  • He was a knowledge of Sanskrit, Persian, Punjabi, Mughal and Braj language.
  • He had three wives and four sons of Ratan was born.
  • Guru Gobind Singh fought the following battles of unity and integrity of his religion and country: –
    1. Battle of Bhangani  –  1688
    2. Battle of Nadaun  – 1691
    3. Battle of Guller – 1696
    4. First Battle of Anandpur – 1700
    5. Second Battle of Anandpur – 1701
    6.  War of Nirmoharh- 1702
    7. Battle of Basoli – 1702
    8. Battle of Sarsa – 1704
    9. Battle of Chamkaur – 1704
    10. Battle of Muktsar – 1705

Who Killed Guru Gobind Singh ?

On the battle of the battlefield, suddenly a severe injury to his chest, he died on October 18, 1708, at the age of 42, at Nanded.

Some scholars say that all between Guru Gobind Singh and Wazir Khan was not good relation and he sent two men to kill Guru Gobind Singh.
And when he was nanded in the divine light, he got the chance

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