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General Awareness for bank exams
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General Awareness for bank exams: Current affairs 2 April 2019

General Awareness for bank exams

General awareness for bank exams is roll a vital play for bank axaminationa and such like SSC, IBPS, UPSC and many more. इस article को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए click here :  

Q.1, Who is the person resigning from Google India, choose the following?
a) Vishwanath Anand
b) Rajan Anandan
c) Shailendra J. Singh
d) Vikas Malhotra
Ans: – (b) Rajan Anandan
Explanation:- Google Southeast Asia and India’s Vice President Rajan Anandan have left the company after working 8 years in Google. Anandan will now be in the rank of Managing Director in Sequoia Capital India, except Google. Anandan will be providing services to Google by the end of April. After the release of this, Agnihotri, Sales Director of Google India will take charge for some time.

General Awareness for bank exams

With about 3 decades of experience with companies like Dell and Microsoft in the technology industry, Anandan is known for giving a big boost to Google’s growth in India and the Indian StormUp Ecosystem. In 2018, Anandan had invested in many startups along with LetsMD based in Delhi, including the online startup Buttercups based in Bangalore, PregBuddy. According to the report of Inc42 DataLabs, Anandan invested more than 80 Indian startups. Anandan also launched his fund under the name of Blue Ocean Ventures in Sri Lanka. Through this fund, Anandan invested more than 10 investments in Sri Lanka.
Q.2, Who is the winner of the Grand Prix held in Abu Dhabi recently?
a) Walterie Boutas
b) Luis Hamilton
c) Charles Leclerc
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Luis Hamilton
Explanation:- Five-time world champion Luis Hamilton won the Bahrain Grand Prix 2019 title by defeating the Volterie Botas of Finland, who got second place.
Charles Leclar remained at number three and became Ferrari’s youngest winner at the age of 21.
Q.3, what is called the southern end of India?
a) Southern Bank
b) Indira Point
c) Southern islands
d) none
Ans: – (b) Indira Point

Current Affairs in Hindi Question Answers

General awareness for Bank exams,IBPO etc

Q.10, "Mind the Gap - Who has issued the State of Employment in India?
a) World Bank
b) Reserve Bank of India
c) Oxfam India
d) Other
Ans: -( c) Oxfam India
Explanation:- The main points of this report - the lack of quality jobs and increasing pay inequality is the head of inequality in the Indian labor market.
The regressive social norms hinder the participation of women in the workforce while pointing to declines in rural jobs.
Women are paid less than 34 percent less equally eligible male workers. In 2015, 92 percent of women and 82 percent of men earned less monthly salary than Rs 10,000 in India. The report highlights questions about India's development figures.
Q. 11, who recently launched the relay satellite for the second generation?
A) Amerika
B) India
E) China
D) Russia
Anx: (E) China

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Explanation:- China has launched a new generation of satellites successfully in the class. This satellite was launched with the help of the Long March -3C Rocket. This rocket has been developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
According to the news agency Xinhua, this is a multi-purpose network. It will play an important role for the satellites that revolve around medium and low Earth with fast data transfer service capability. The Tiionelian-2-02 network is considered to be more advanced in mission planning, system management and operations than ever before. Explain that China launched its first data relay satellite, Taanyilian-1-01 in April 2008.
Q.12, Who won the Miami Open 2019 title?
A) Federer
B) Roger
F) Roger Federer
D) Other
Ans: (F) Roger Federer
Explanation:- Switzerland's tennis player Roger Federer won the title of the Miami Open tennis tournament for the fourth time in his career here. The 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer defeated current champion American John Eisner 6-1, 6-4 in straight sets. According to the BBC, 37-year-old Federer is the 28th Masters title.

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