10 Sentences about Ramadan Festival Essays in English

10 Sentences about Ramadan Festival in English

10 Sentences about Ramadan Festival:– Ramadan is also called Ramzan. According to the Muslim religion, Ramjan is the name of one month from twelve months of the year. According to the religion of Islam, the month of Ramadan is considered very sacred.

According to the Hijri calendar, the month of Ramzan is nine months from twelve months of the year, which is 29 or 30 days. Ramadan is a beautiful and holy month. Ramadan is called the month of worship of Allah. Prayat means prayer.

In Ramzan, Muslim settlers, men and children keep fasting , which is called Som in Arabic language. Som means to keep you close to Allah. Assign yourself to Allah. It is very difficult to follow the rule of Ramadan. In Ramadan, Muslims, who hold fasting, make their body and mind pure by doing penance in prayer.

Abstains from evil and evil deeds, and perform some charitable acts, which are dear to Allah. One who is called Takka and a Muslim does everything for the sake of taka. According to Islam, Rosa is the fourth of five pillars.

India is a huge country. Where people of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian faith live with love. And celebrate their own religion and festival. And people from another community celebrate each other’s festival. They all have the same motive- mutual cooperation and brotherhood.

In Muslim religion, all Muslim countries celebrate Ramzan very happy.

When is Ramadan 2019

In the year 2019 Ramzan will start on Sunday, May 5 and will end on Sunday at 4 June.

Ramadan festival facts

According to Islam religion, the month of Allah’s worship is Ramadan. It comes in the ninth month of the year. Muslim people consider this Ramadan very sacred. A real Muslim makes this pure and holy in this Ramadan.

Importance of fasting in Islam

In addition to fasting or fasting, it promotes restraint and also removes from sexual intercourse and also removes from bad actions. Muslims from Ramadan find that there is no better person to self-discipline, self-control and sacrifice. Muslims pay zakat in Ramadan, which means donating.

The worship of Allah is called Ramadan or Ramadan. And in Ramadan, it is kept for 30 days. What are the rules for fasting: –

Rose’s Beginning: Roja’s beginnings are called Sahari. It starts with sunya Uday already. Rosa, who kept the Rosa, rose up a half and a half hour before settling with daily routine, Rosa starts only after eating something. Then there is nothing to eat and drink in that whole day. Some food is eaten in Sahari, without eating your Rosa will not be valid. And even eating Khajur is also custom. And read the prayer also while doing the poem.

Opening Rosa: Open Rosa only after the day is over. Which is called iftar? According to the religion of Islam, after keeping the roast all day long after sunk the sun after dawn, you should open Rosa. And if you can eat the food you want, but the palm must be eaten. Start with Treasure

If you have eaten something during the day in Anjana, then there is no issue. However, you can still keep the fasting. But if you ate some food, then your fasting will be invalid.

If you have been tired of roasting during the day, then you can continue to do so.

About Ramzan Festival in English

If you feel overheated or thirsty due to excessive temperature, then you can take a bath. Your Rosa will not be invalid.

If a Muslim has a sex during Dada, fasting, then he has to pay a rasa for 60 days as a fine, which is called Kaaffera. If not able to do this, then 60 poor people will have to feed them.

If sex is essential, then before going to Rosa and opening the rosa, sex can only be done. And after bathing it can be correct.

He should know that Ramzan is a Pak month. It is the month of worship of Allah. A true Muslim will never do this wrong, which Allah does not like.

If a Muslim woman is fasting and during this time her muslim religion starts, her rosa becomes invalid. These women should not have a rosa.

If you are making something for your family during the roses and are tasting food, then meditation should not go inside the haze. Otherwise Rosa will be invalid. Only you can taste salt and spices. Wash the mouth immediately after it and wash the mouth immediately after it.

Tarawih: After the Iqtar, you can offer Salat (prayers) on the night. And the Qur’an is read in the mosque. This happens during the early Ramadan. According to the moon in the 29th or 30th day of Ramadan, the festival of Eid can be celebrated.

What is the history behind Ramadan

The current story about Ramadan is as follows. Why celebrate the festival of Eid only after Ramadan? Why is it remembered as the immortal love of Peugeot Sahib and Sahiba Ayesha?

The Prophet Sahib was the founder of Islam religion. At the age of 49, Poojbar Sahib was suddenly moved to his friend and Islam’s first Khalifa Abubakar’s 6-year-old daughter, Shahibaa Ayesha. In the honor of Huzur, Khalifa gave her daughter’s exemption to Huzur, but the baby girl was in her abbu house.

At the age of 9, when the moon came to the house of the great saint Pegambar sahib, he stopped talking to his 53 year old old boy, and did not agree to sleep with them. In the absence of Sahiba, the condition of the lost person was granted to some Majnu. Ahl leaves from home early in the morning, or drink some of the food, they are wandering around here and there. When at night the moon was visible to the sea, they would have eaten something or some a bit.

In the same way, 30 days have passed, Hujoor’s 7 wives continued to press on Ayesha. Eventually, Huzur’s true love won and Sahibina Ayesha Huzoor agreed with “Jina”.

It is said – these are the same 30 days when the earliest verses of the Koran appeared. Import of Koran Sura 2, 183 and 184, every Momin is forbidden to eat anything in this Pak month, from the euphoria from morning till sunset. Allah performs the supplication of the worshiper and the worshiper, and in this holy month there is a reward for sins.

How is Ramadan Celebrated?

Here are certain things in the month of Ramadan, which should be noted: –

Ramzan has a tradition of keeping roast everyday and seeing the moon and worshiping Allah. Praying and reading Kalam.

Remain in bad habits like alcohol, drugs and gambling in Ramadan. In addition, it is also forbidden to look wrong, to speak wrong and to hear the wrong.

It is forbidden to beat and beat this month. You can not misuse your throat leg.

During Ramadan, keep a good look at all women. Exhale from sex. You can not even see your wife with a bad order.

There is great importance in charity and religion in Ramadan, which is called zakat. You can pay zakat according to your wealth and become a partner of virtue.

In Ramzan, people pray for Paradise, which is said to pray for Jannatul Paradise, it is considered to be the highest place of Paradise.

Ramadan fasting rules

According to Muslim religion, every single adult can be kept fast. But for some reasons it cannot be kept: –

A sick person

Passenger, elderly and pregnant woman cannot stay

Children younger than five years cannot stay

Ill person cannot keep Rosa affected by sexually transmitted and breastfeeding women.

Why is Ramadan festival important?

Every Muslim in Ramzan is away from the wrong activities. And they pay attention to Allah’s good deeds. The importance of charity-religion in Ramadan is importance. There is also a habit of doing charity and religion, which is called zakat.

According to Islam religion, a true Muslim is the one whose belief is true.

According to Islam religion, keeping roast in Ramzan month brings happiness and wealth in the house. And mutual brother fodder increases.

In the rituals of Eid, bathing in the morning first, wearing new clothes, applying fragrant perfumes, eating dates before Idgah is main. Normally men wear white clothes. White colour is a symbol of purity and simplicity. On this holy day, a large number of Muslim followers get up early and congregate to pray and pray in Idgah, which is a large open ground for special prayer of Eid.

Sweet beans are made in everyone’s house on this day, and they eat themselves and feed all friends.

Qur’an was the holy book of the Muslims in the month of this month for the Bando. According to Muslim religion, the doors of the janat can be open for the people of Satkaram this month. This Pak month is called Shab-e-Kadar.

Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after seeing the new moon after the fasting month in the holy Ramadan i.e. fasting. And also break Rosa. Id-ul-Fitr is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. After breaking the Rosa, people of Muslim religion celebrate it as banquet or joy.

By paying zakat, he becomes a part of virtue. And the zakat is given to him, which really needs it.

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