World Wildlife Day essay in English in 500 words…

World Wildlife Day essay in English in 500 words

Why is World Wildlife Day celebrated?

An Introduction

World Wildlife Day: When God has created the earth at that time only forests. And Humans lived in the forests. And they had to depend for food on fruits and wild animals. As soon as they development a little bit they built a house to cut down the forests and live. Thus the forests were cut widely and wild animals were also severely harmed. Due to which a large number of animals went extinct.

Therefore in this way wild animals will disappear then one day a situation crisis will rise. For natural balance this is most necessary.

Through this post, we will try to know why World Wildlife Day is celebrated. Why are wild animals necessary for us? Why should they protect?

We celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3rd March every year in the world. The main aims that protect the wild animals and flora that are going to extinct. Because all these are the part of our ecology system. Therefore it is our duty to secure it.

We all celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and take enjoy. We all youth class take oath that we protect our wild animals and flora. All these are integral parts of our society and ecology system. It is very important to save all these species for the world community. If it is not saved, the ecological balance of the earth may deteriorate in the absence of this wildlife.

Worlds are full of various types of wonderful animals and birds. All these are also national resources of our country. Once upon a time there were forests in the three parts on the earth. But now days all the forest is desolate. Therefore it is ultimate duty to protect them.

Who started World Wildlife Day?

History of World Wildlife Day

WWD was first celebrated on 3 March 2014. And it is celebrated every year now. This is a very big program celebrated for wildlife.

In order to prevent the extinction of wildlife and flora, it was first signed by 183 countries jointly by the Convention on International Trade Endangered Species to protect threatened organisms and flora (CITES).

On this subject, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) convened a meeting on 20 December 2013. And World Wildlife Day was announced on 3 March. The first proposal on this subject was questioned by Thailand at the 16th Session of Sites (CITES) in 2013 in Bangkok.

When we celebrate World Wildlife Day in 2020?

Tuesday 3rd March

What is the theme of 2018 World Wildlife Day?

The theme of 2018 WWD is Big Cats. Using the expanded definition of big cats the day will raise awareness on the conservation of the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar as well as the cheetah, snow leopard, puma, clouded leopard and related species.

What is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2019?

The theme of World Wildlife Day 2019 is Life below water for people and planet.

What is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2020?

The theme of WWD 2020 is Sustaining All Life on Earth. Earth is home to countless species, and wildlife plays an important role in balancing the environment.

What is the animal symbol of WWF?

Giant panda is the symbol of WWF.

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