Unity Importance ten lines for students and teachers

Ten sentences about unity is strength

Set 1

  1. When peoples in the society and the state live with together with brotherhood and help to each other that is called integrate.
  2. Unity plays an important role in your success life. It is a crucial thing for us.
  3. We are wants to live with together in the society.
  4. When all the peoples will live together in a society and they will help and support their happiness and sorrow moment then our society will becomes a heaven.
  5. Unity is the powerful weapons to achieve goal in our life history.
  6. Integration brings stability in family and society. As a result, the bond of the relationship is strengthened.
  7. It is very important for any team member because it gives you the courage to move forward.
  8. In a unified society, a corrupt person cannot spread his foot. Because people are united, everyone is fearless and evil.
  9. Integration in trade and commerce helps a lot in increasing business.
  10. We had to unite to take on the foreign invaders.

Set 2

  1. Unity denotes a very large group where there is a large gathering.
  2. If you want to achieve some goals in your life, then there is no more weapon than this.
  3. Whenever a voice is raised in society, state, country and nation, then only people are united.
  4. The family in which all live together like a joint family, all live there happily. Therefore the responsibilities are shared.
  5. If a family, society, state and country have to be saved, it is very important to be united.
  6. Unity promotes peace and harmony among various religious communities.
  7. Our India country shows integrity in unity. Only then our country is safe.
  8. Unity is very important to find solutions to any major problem of society or country.
  9. Our country is a unity in diversity.
  10. This is the pride of our country.
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