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Unemployment essay in English 250 words for Students

Unemployment is not only the state and the country but it is a big problem in the world. Essay on…

Unemployment is not only the state and the country but it is a big problem in the world. Essay on this topic is given by the teacher to the children to write in school. Then the children become confused. And think what this is?
So we are writing for children through this article. It will be in different words. You can read as per your requirement.

Long and short essay on Un-employment

Unemployment Essay in 100 words

What is unemployment? Have you ever thought? So now let’s start thinking. This is a very big problem. In order to find a solution, all the countries of the world, despite being united, have not reached any conclusion.

Unemployment means – without employment, which means that there is no occupation, that is, it is weak. Such people exist in every country of the world, not only in India.

Why do such people have no employment or occupation, why do they not want to work? No, they want to work, but do not get work accordingly.

Unemployment Essay in 200 words

This is the big problem of our country. It is a serious issue for any country. In this kind of problem, people do not get work to the best of their ability. This problem is not only for the educated people, but the farmers of our country are also vulnerable to it.

Some people also want to work but they do not get work. Because they are ignorant of the technology of the modern era. So they are unemployed.

The farmer of our country does not have work even for twelve months. They work only for six months and the remaining six months are useless.

If we talk about the youth of the country, they do not get work according to their merit even after taking good degrees. But when they have no scope, they work forcefully.

There are many reasons for unemployment due to which it is increasing day by day in our country. The Government of India also announces new opportunities for employment in its budget every year, but no success has been received in this direction.

300 Words Essay on Unemployment

Today there are many problems in the society, but the problem of unemployment is different among them. This problem is a big crisis for the family, society, state and country. People do not get work or even get work, but do not get it according to their capacity. This is unemployment.

There are many factors of this unemployment, such as: – Industrial revolution and the kurutis spread in the society. In olden days all the work was done by man, but now more and more work is done by machines, as a result these workers have become useless. And even today the work is done in the society from the old structure and many people are victims of Kurutis.

Education system is also its main reason. Education of our country is not suitable for employment. The education we receive does not work in our life.

Constant increase in population is also a hindrance in employment. Work is decreasing due to increasing population. Millions of people have become useless due to the arrival of computer, because a computer works alone as ten men.

Annadata of our country has also fallen prey to this. Farmers do not get work throughout the year. They only get a few months of work. Even today, they do not do farming in a scientific way. They do farming in the old traditional way.

The farmers of our country are illiterate, so they are unaware of the new and scientific method of farming. Farmers are poor due to which they are unable to buy new farming tools for themselves.

To tackle these problems, first of all, education system has to be reformed. The kurutis who are spread in the society have to be removed. People have to be educated. Only then will this problem be eradicated.

Unemployment Problems and Solutions Essay

Unemployment means those who want to work but do not get work according to their requirement and qualification. There are millions and millions of such youth in India who suffer from it. The large number of population of the country is causing problems of outrage and unemployment all around. Now the situation has become such that most people are attracted towards the same profession which has limited availability of employment which leads to unemployment. And this problem is increasing, which is very worrying for the economic development of the country.

Unemployment situation arises due to lack of interest in agriculture and industrial sectors. Forcing those who are struggling with the crisis of unemployment to choose or accept the wrong way to obtain money in the form of physical and mental harassment and depression, social abuse, crime and violence, or sometimes dangerous consequences. Different problems have to be faced. There has also been a huge increase in the number of suicides from the unemployed. When frustrated on all four sides, when there is no way out, he commits heinous crimes like crime and suicide.

The government and human welfare minister of our country should find a suitable and better solution to solve this problem; otherwise the future of the country will hang in the balance. Have to talk to. Only then some solution will be found. For this, the education system should be developed in such a way that the student acquires practical and technical knowledge while doing professional studies from any vocational educational institutes along with the opportunity of college campus selection to get good job opportunities. Which he could choose only during studies.

Essay on Employment problem in India

The industrial and agricultural sector should be promoted by the government and new and modified so as to attract people as a working sector. And modern methods should be adopted so that maximum production can be done.

Common people also have to think deeply about this and will have to cooperate fully in the government’s plans, only then we will be able to succeed. Otherwise, the problem of unemployment will take a bipolar form and the country will collapse.

Unemployment Essay cause and solution in 500 words

The problem of unemployment is not a common thing. This is a big problem for a society, state, country and world community. And this problem is increasing day by day. It is a matter of shame that millions of educated youth of the country are sitting idle, they have no work.

What is unemployment?

Unemployment is called when the number of workers is more and not everyone is getting work or is getting less work.

This problem is spreading its legs. This is the problem of the whole world. It is very important to correct it otherwise the pace of development of the country will stop.

What is the reason?

There is no single concrete reason for unemployment. Many reasons are responsible for this, who will write one by one.

  • Evils in society

We are in the 21st century, but our country is still a victim of old practices and practices like superstition. Which is a hindrance for us?

  • Industrial revolution

With the invention of new industries and the use of new machines, the need of workers has been reduced, which has led to further unemployment.

  • Increase in population

With the continuous increase in the population, the number of workers has increased and the work is decreasing, due to which people are not getting the work according to their wishes.

  • Defect of education system

Education of our country is not for employment. Education should be such that we have an opportunity to choose employment ourselves. But this is not so. Therefore, millions of educated youth are unemployed.

  • Decline in cottage and home industry

Industrialization has completely destroyed the cottage and home industries of our country, making millions of people unemployed. The cottage industry is on the verge of closure. Due to which many workers have become useless.

  • Mechanization

The development of mechanization has led to industrialization, which has made millions of workers useless, because one machine can do the work of twenty workers alone and production has also increased considerably. Therefore, a lot of workers have become useless.

  • Decrease in employment of farmers

Even though the farmers of India are called Annadata. But he is a poor and uneducated person. Due to which they are unable to do farming in new scientific way of agriculture. And they only get work for six months in the year.

  • Non-development of scientific

Scientists of India should come forward to develop agriculture.

The above is the reason which plays an important role in increasing unemployment. It is a curse for a society and a country.

What are the consequences of unemployment that society has to face? This creates new crime in the society.

  • Continuous increase in crime graph
  • Family breakup
  • Decline in standard of living
  • Skilled craftsman skills end
  • Crimes like self-murder and rape
  • Political slam
  • A hindrance in muscle development
  • Slow growth of the country

Unemployment as a social problem in India Essay

The problem of unemployment is the biggest hindrance in the development of the country. And it is not like this problem is decreasing. This problem is increasing daily.

Obstacles are being created, requiring strict and proper attention by all sectors of India, including government or non-governmental organizations. Unemployment has been a major problem in India for many years and has affected many people physically and mentally.

Everyone wants to do his work voluntarily, but when someone wants to do work and still does not get work or does not get work according to his status, then he is called unemployment.

Types of unemployment

Unemployment based on work, population and education is as follows: –

Partial unemployment

When an educated and graduate youth does not get the job according to their education and is forced to work as a clerk, it is called partial unemployment. This type of problem is seen more in cities. When educated youth from the village go to metro city in search of employment.

Hidden unemployment

This kind of problem is found in villages because the farmers of our country are quite poor and uneducated. They do not know about the advanced methods of agriculture. Hence they depend on the same crop as the paddy crop. And the whole year is useless. If he had knowledge, three crops could be grown from that field and this would increase his income. But this is not possible.

Full unemployment

When a man wants to work but he does not get work.


When the Industrial Revolution took place in England, millions of workers became useless. Because the machine is invented, the workers do not get work.

Effects of unemployment

Due to this, the entire society, state, country and the whole world is being affected. Which is causing the following side effects: –

Increase in poverty

Unemployment creates poverty. People do not move forward and they fall down.

Crime rate increase

When people have no work, they are ready to do anything and crime is born. Such as – theft, robbery, loot, murder and rape etc.

Exploitation of workers

People of the rich class exploit the workers; they get them done at a low price. And labour works due to less wages.

Mental illness

In the absence of employment, people become more vulnerable to illness due to high tension and they fall prey to ignorance like suicide.

Recover against unemployment

The following steps should be taken to deal with the unemployed

  • Education should be made employable.
  • Self-employment training camp should be organized.
  • Small and cottage industries should be promoted.
  • New agricultural methods should be developed for the farmers.

Steps taken by the government for unemployment

The Government of India has taken the following steps to the problem of unemployment: –

  • Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP)
  • Jawahar Rozgar Yojana.
  • Drought prone area program (DPAP)
  • Self-employment training
  • Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY).
  • Employment assurance scheme.
  • Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (PMIUPEP).


Unemployment is a major disease of the society. Therefore, we should all work together with the government’s plans. Only then will unemployment end. And the government should also take some serious steps to reduce it.

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