Rainy Season Essay in English 1000 words for Students

Rainy Season Essay in English 1000 words for Students

In school his class teacher often given to write an essay to children. Because his handwriting can be improved. So we are writing an essay on rainy season on different words in this article. Which will help the students and their parents too?

Rainy season Essay in English 100 words

The whole nation is suffering due to heavy hot. Animals and birds also crave water. Whole earth becoming barren. All animals and trees start to die due to the fierce heat. In such an extreme situation the rainy seasons arrives.

This season starts in India from July and lasts till September. It comes as a boon all those suffering from summer.

All the animals, birds and human being welcomes to this season wholeheartedly. In this season the soul is communicated in the lifeless.

The whole earth seems green and all animals get food easily.

Rainy Season Essay in English 200 words

There are four seasons in our country. Every season is of three months. All seasons come at their appointed time. It is important to have all seasons otherwise the balance of nature deteriorates.


If it is frosty or excess heat, then all the animals become distraught. This season lasts from July to September. It rains very fast in these four months.


There is greenery in the atmosphere all around. Farmer seem happy in their heart because they think that due to good rains this year, agricultural work will be good.


In this season, water gets filled in the river-pond and ponds. Due to which the sound of the frog sounds. Animals welcome queen-varsha in her voice.


Poets have also written poetry on it. In fact, this season is like a mother because its arrival leaves a sheet of greenery all around. Peacocks dance in the forest, birds tweet. Nature looks attractive. 

Rainy Season Essay in English 300 words

This season is very beautiful. In this season greenery takes place all around the fields, barns and gardens. When all the peoples of the Earth have becomes unhappy with the scorching rays of the sun then arrival of this season occurs.  This season gives relief on this occasion. When the world is suffering from heat and lack of the water this season comes.


According to the Hindi calendar this season starts from Ashad and lasts till the month of Bhadra. But according to the English calendar it lasts from July to September. Everyone welcomes to this season very well. Poets have written many poems for welcome this season.


As soon as this season starts, the weather changes.

During summer, the air runs hot, but during this season the air gets moisture. The cloud is covered with thick and dark clouds and upon seeing it starts raining. During these days, it always rains.


The clouds in the sky are seen running here and there.

People use umbrellas to avoid rain. When there is no confidence in the rain. These days, it rains sometimes, and then it gets dry.


The farmers appear happy as soon as the rains start. And the work of farming starts. The farmer produces food for us. Therefore, this season is beneficial for him.


Due to excessive rains, mud comes on the roads and conditions like floods arise. Many people become homeless due to flooding. And many types of disease are outbreak.


If there are lots of benefit also is a loss in this season. Sometimes there is no rain at all in this season and dryness is called famine. Due to no rain farmers face big problems. Later the government declared this area as a famine and farmers get some compensation. 

My Favourite Season Rainy Essay 600 Words

 India is a Country of republic. Our culture is unique. There are twelve months in a year. And there are four seasons. Each season is divided equal three months. These four seasons comes on their time. Spring is the king of season and rainy is the queen.


Brings a new life in all the animals and plants in this season. A green sheet is laid on the whole earth. Increase the beauty of field-barn and garden. All plants have green leaves. To welcome this season nature stands by laying eyelashes.


After the summer season arrive this season. All the trees and animals die from the sharp rays of the sun in the summer season. At the time arrival of rainy season there is greenery in nature.


It is lasts from July to September months. And it rains very fast during this time. Well and pond are dry up due to the heat of summer, but as soon as the rain starts everyone gets filled with water.


At the beginning of this rain women’s worship the God of rain Indra and show their gratitude. If this season had not happened in the world the earth would have ended.


In the rainy days the entire sky is covered with dense and full of dark clouds and these dark clouds are seen running away to and fro. The atmosphere looks very pleasant and becomes green.


The grass also grows in the dry ground in this season. Farmers start dancing happily because they look happy in the desire of good harvest.

Peacock dancing in the forest and birds chirping. People use umbrella to avoid rain . Rain is the boon for farmers it is given by God. Everyone wants rain no matter what happens. If not rain plants dry.


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