Propose day image quotes and wishes for boyfriend and girlfriend

Propose day image quotes and wishes

8th February the entire world celebrates propose day. It is a great romantic and affection day because 7th February is the rose day and second day of Valentine-week.

As the name itself-suggests, this day is designed to propose a loving girlfriend so that they can share their day’s feelings with each other.

This day is as a gift for boys and girls because they pro-pose their loves today. They have been waiting for this day a long time.

Propose day comes after rose-day in valentine week on this day the couples express their love-feeling to each other and take oath.

Boys pro-pose to their girl friends or the girl expresses love to her boyfriend. On this day, a bachelor or single boy proposes to his girlfriend or single girls. Husbands pro-pose their wives, couples celebrate wedding-anniversary this day.

If any strange man boys or girls like anybody then he or she can propose him and tell him our hearts desire on this day. This day is the best for love each other.

If you are thinking to pro-pose someone for love-affairs or marriage, then today is the better day, no one will come after. Therefore Express it today and enjoy life journey by marrying her or him.

Similarly you already learnt that today is express feeling of love to oppose your loved one. You can express your feeling give red rose flowers, speaking i love you, send text message on whatsapp or facebook. All of them have the same motive to love. The many ways to doing love but all meaning is i love you.

It is not so easy to speak love you of anyone for this you have to confidence means your heart is vast, only then you can love a girl.

Why do we celebrate Propose Day?

This is the second day of the start of Valentine’s Day Week. This day is a very golden occasion for youngster boys and girls. They can choose their love on 8th February.

Youngster boys or girls easily choose their love and present him or her red rose or any other gift items. This week of Valentine’s Day runs from 7th to 14th February.

How can I propose to a girl?

Follow the tips for pro-pose a girl.

  • Never apply others listen story and use their skills.
  • You full details girls you have to engage yourself.
  • Make a plan to meet her and after meet impress her with sweet dreams.
  • Never speak negative. Always praise her eyes, hair, look etc.
  • Offer her take juice and lunch. Offer her to see movie.
  • Always note girls need love. Your meet up make a memorable events. Create a romantic moments.
  • Do not forget to present any special gift your first meeting.
  • Take her beautiful and modeling pic.
  • Compare her with a queens.
  • Give her complete love touch her face and other organs kiss her lips and praise much much more.If you follow these steps then she mad in your love.

Therefore day is the second day of Valentine’s Week. It is considered every year on 8 February. Lovers propose their love for each other, in which some accept and some reject. People offer bouquets or gifts for this.

Propose Day SMS

  • Expressing my love for you is difficult but trusts me you are only one I need in my life. Would you be mining forever?

  • I could have not thought of anyone other than you, you are my happy place. Would you give me this happiness forever?

  • You give me the kind of feelings that people write about in their novels. Be my happy ending?
  • I love you, I miss you and I adore you. I want you in my life forever.
Propose day quotes in English for girlfriend

Let’s create the Most Beautiful Life Together.

Will you spend your life with me?

I propose to rise together in love with you my sweetheart.

In your world my darling i wish to live with you forever.

I love i promise to move the mountains for you.

I adore you, I love you and i want only you for the rest of my life.

You’re in my thoughts all day long. On this day, I propose you and invite you to live in my heart all my life.

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