Money essay in English for students and children’s 500 words


We are writing essay on money in different words for children’s and students. It will be very useful for you and your parents.

Short Essay on Money 100 words

We are live in a social and live with family and fulfil needs of each other. But you have ever thought wealth is the one who plays an important role.

It is impossible of basic necessities of our life without money.

You heard this proverb -no money without life. Money does not eat she cock but buying it we needs money. It is very essential for us because we can live without.

Essay 2 in 200 Words

We have no any work without money. We also need money to be live healthy in our daily life. We can buy my living and luxurious articles with money.

From morning to till evening whatever we do money is required everywhere. We cannot do anything without it. Today’s the entire world is crazy behind money. Everyone is running for money. There are no times of anyone. Each and everyone are busy only for money. What is hell is this money? Why it has enslaved the entire world.

Money is the rupees and paisa, in which we can do transaction to each other. And can buy anything we wish. We cannot do anything without money.

We cannot imagine a even healthy life without no money. So we have to do something to earn some money as per requirement. And to earn money we have to be educated only then we can earn some cash.

We all already learnt now it is very essential for your daily and regular life. But for this we have to think that how we can earn it. in modern era everyone wants to earn cash without now is it we cannot live safe.


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