Essay on Cow in English for Children and Students

Essay on Cow in English for Children and Students

Essay on Cow in English for kids

Essay on Cow:- The cow is a domestic animal, we also called cow-mother or Gau-mata. Gau-Mata is a pragmatic animal for Hinduism. Everyone in the villages pet a cow. It has great and many benefits.

Funny essay on cow: Long & short

The cow is a household and a pet animal and it is very useful for us. Because it gives milk for us, which is full of nutritious.

In the school are given to write an essay on the cow in such types. By keeping in mind the various classes we have here: writing different types of essays:-

COW ESSAYS (in 100 Words)       

Cow is considered a very useful animal. It is a livestock. In the villages of India, all cows are reared. Some people raise cows for milk only. We consider cow as Lakshmi. We also worship cow.

Cow is considered as cow mother. A cow is a faithful and devout animal.

Cow gives us milk and makes curd, butter and many more items, which are very useful for our health.

Cow gives dung, which is a very advanced type of fertilizer.  Cow is found in any where in the country. It is of many colours, such as black, white, brindle etc.

COW ESSAYS (in 150 Words)       

The cow is our mother. We bow to the cow and ask for blessings. It is a four-legged mammal.

The cow is a swami devotee. It comes home to graze on its own. When she feels thirsty, she goes to the pond and drinks water.

The cow gives a calf. Its milk is healthy. Cow’s milk is very healthy hence, children, old age man and sick man drink and get well soon. Therefore cow is very useful animal for us. We should also take care of the health.

The Cow is a pet animal

COW ESSAYS (in 200 Words)    

The cow is a domestic and social animal. It is found everywhere in India. The cow has four legs, two eyes, a long tail, two horns, a long belly and a long neck.

A cow is a giant animal. A cow is like a mother. Just as the mother takes care of the children, the cow takes care of us.

Each social class public pet the cow. Because a cow have many benefits. We get nutritious milk from rearing cows. Cow’s milk is healthy. A man can also eat cow’s milk. Doctors also advise to sick man to eat cow’s milk.

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