My Favourite animal dog Essay in English for students

My Favourite animal dog Essay in English for students

The dog is very obedient like other animals. It is a good friend of man. Therefore, we should raise them. There is no risk in our home and our society by raising it. All enemies run away due to this fear. It is also a mammal animal.

Essay on dog is man’s best friend

A dog is a good friend of men. He is always very happy company with men. When he is happy his tail start shaking. He is very affection to his master. On seeing master he starts shaking his tail with happily and licking his hands and face. It behaves very well to his master. You already heard many affection stories of dog and the men.

It helps its master in every possible ways. If any enemy or thieves attacks its master house, he fights with too. And if master is blind or handicapped man then he helps him everywhere like crossing the road and going elsewhere etc.

If someone is alone and if he has a dog, he will not feel alone. When everyone falls asleep, dogs takes care of her master’s house. He does not allow anyone to come in without the permission of the owner. Seeing an unknown person, he starts to barks very loudly and awakens everyone.

This unknown person starts barking as soon as he sees it. And tries to drive her away until she runs away. If he does not run, he bites him.

It is also very useful for shepherd. When shepherd goes to graze her sheep, the wolf arrives and kills her sheep. And if he has a dog, the wolf runs away due to his fear.

Their olfactory power is very fast. Only by smelling this does he know that he is a thief. Nowadays, the Crime Police also use the dog to apprehend the culprit. So it is very useful for us.

Essay on Dog in English in 300 words

In modern times, it is found in every house because now become a fashion. It is a good friend of man. It is very faithful. He always pays a kind attention from someone whose salt he eats. It is an animal which is very dear to its master. Wherever the master goes he follows it there. If any enemy attacks his master, he supports the master and company to him.

It protects our house like a guard. But he does not take anything pay from us, only feeds him some food. Seeing all the members from their master’s house, it makes the tail move. It does not allow any stranger person to enter the house.

Seeing the any stranger man, he starts to bark loudly. It wakes up all night and watches your house and office. It sleeps, but immediately gets up and starts to bark as soon as a sound is received. It performs its work with whole Integrity. Its olfactory power is very fast.

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There are many breeds of it such as: – Gray hounds, bull dogs, blood hounds, lap dogs etc. But most of the countryside breed dogs are found in the villages. They belong to the jackal caste. Therefore it is non-vegetarian. Being a non-vegetarian, their teeth are very long and sharp.

He has four legs, two ears, two eyes, a nose, a long mouth and a long tail. This is a very clever animal. This proves to be very helpful in catching the thief and the crime department. Hence the police of crime branch always keep it. Therefore security agencies keep good breed dog.

Wild dog is very dangerous. It is found in dense forests of Africa. This type of species is not found in India. It is a friend of human civilization.

Essay on dog in 400 words

It is an obedient animal hence you can easily write composition about it. Think before about and start writing.

Cow, cat and elephant are a pet and faithful animal just like in the same way dog is a faithful.

His scientific name is Canis lupus familis. Their nature is to study human activities. They have all the virtues of integrity. It falls under the category of mammal. Because like a mammal it gives birth to babies and feeds they milk.

Many species of them are found. But their great feature is that it is very helpful. It is a true friend for us humans. They are male and female like humans, which are called dog and Bitch.

Essay on Dog in English in 500 words

We Indians are gentle by nature. We are very fond of pet animal birds. Such as – dogs, Cat, Rabbit, Horse, Elephant, Parrot, Peacock etc. Of these, He is a true friend of man. It understands emotions very well like humans. It is a loyal and true friend of its master. It loves its owner very much. It expresses love by shaking its tail. It helps its owner in many ways. It becomes happy on seeing the appearance of its owner.

It takes full care of the owner’s house and his entire house. It does not allow any stranger to enter the house. He starts barking to seeing stranger man. It bites a thief or stranger when they ignore its barking and try to do mischief. Some people are very afraid of it and some are not. Due to their fear, no jackal or wolf comes around the house. The thief and robbers runs away as soon as he sees them.

It takes very good watching of your home and your property. Their smelling power is very high. So it catches the thief and the robber immediately. Therefore, police, army and security agencies are always used.

It respects its owner a lot and obeys every command of it, whether it is rich or poor. He obeys every command of his master. It is always alert 24 hours a day. Always protects his master’s house from a thief. It works continuously and never takes leave.

It is very fast to run, due to which it immediately catches the thief. It is vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are non-vegetarians living in the forest. Their age ranges from 15 to 20 years. It eats rice, lentils and vegetables. It is a friend of its owner.

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