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Air Pollution Essay 1000 words


Air pollution Essay-Increasing urbanization has become a big problem in modern days. And this problem is increase day by day. There are many problems on general peoples. Such as: Unemployment problem, water, problem, electricity problem, Starvation problem, and industrialization problem and air pollution. It is the big among them.

We will fight with all the problems one by one. But the air pollution is getting very big size. Now for this every person has to think about it. Only then we can get the solution from it. Otherwise your mind and body become home of disease.

In respiration system process we take oxygen gas and release carbon dioxide. In atmosphere is the vast stock of oxygen gas, but due to some reason this stock are slowly decreasing. This gas is also called life line gas. It is very important for us to breathe with pure air to live a healthy life. But this air is getting polluted.

How air pollution is caused

When a poisonous gas is accidentally or unknown mixed in the fresh air then this air becomes polluted. But when the carbon dioxide mixed on atmospheres fresh air and any poisonous gas are mixed in air. Then fresh air becomes polluted. Air becomes dirty. And inhaling this air also spreads poison in our body. And thus the entire human is infected many kinds of disease. That is air pollution.

These are the following reasons are effect pure and fresh air to pollution of the atmosphere. follow some points

  • The toxic gases coming out of factories gets contaminated in the air.
  • Due to continuous cutting of trees increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Smoke from burning of fuel from vehicles.
  • The smoke emanating from the straw.
  • Mixing dust and particles in the atmosphere.

Causes of air pollution

The following are the possible causes of air pollution: –

  1. Industrialization

India is a developing country. To give him the speed of development, the industry is being developed. New factories are opening for this. As a result, chemical toxic gases like hazardous hydro carbon, carbon monoxide are being released into the air. As a result the air is getting cracked.

Various types of products are being made from these industries, such as washing and printing of clothes, leather industry, and plastic industries, food industries etc.

Plenty of chemical is being used in these industries and thus toxic gases emitted from the chemical reaction are dissolved in air and contaminating them.

2. Use of natural resources

Due to population growth and increasing urbanization, natural resources are being exploited. Due to the burning of fuel of vehicles, a large amount of carbon compounds and poisonous substances like sulphur dioxide are continuously mixed in the air. Burning fossil fuels and other types are contaminating the atmosphere.

Due to increase in population, forests are being cut and new cities are being settled. You know that trees are purifying the air. And by cutting the tree, the large amount of carbon dioxide increasing in the air. Which is very worrying for the coming generation?

3. Agricultural Reasons

Indian farmers are using a large number of pesticides, medicines and fertilizers to increase their produce. And these chemical substances release harmful ammonia gas. Which pollutes the air quality? As a result the quality of air decreases. The air quality index in our country is continuously increasing.

After the agricultural work is done, the farmers burn the straw to clean their field, for plant a new crop. Which causes a lot of smoke to spread in the atmosphere and the air quality are bad.

  1. Natural outbreak

Natural is also responsible for air pollution because volcanoes, forest fires and dust storms are the events in nature that pollute the air.

The natural phenomena are also time to time also come, due to which not only the wind of the atmosphere makes the general public orphan. Such as: – Storms and toofan, volcanic eruptions etc.

  1. Household Activities

We also pollute the air quality. Some household activities like chemicals, especially bleach are a primary source of indoor air pollution, without proper ventilation, smoking using cigarettes and cigars and tobacco also releases toxic pollutarants into the air. which is harmful for the air.

How air pollution affects Human Health

Polluted air affects not only humans life, it also affect society and wildlife animals. Let us know what are the five effects of air pollution that affect human life:-

Global Warming

Due to the continuous mixing of carbon dioxide in the air, the temperature is increasing due to which the ice is being melted from the glacier. Which will cause a global warming problem?

With every new scientific experiment, we are removing the ozone layer of the atmosphere, due to which the direct rays of the sun fall on the earth. Due to which skin disease is happening very much. Our skin is not able to tolerate sunburn. Ultraviolet rays fall directly on the earth.

Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases

We are taking impure air from our lungs through our respiratory system, therefore due to which the respiratory tract of our lungs is getting damaged. Hence you will have trouble breathing when your lungs become damage. And you will be vulnerable to dangerous diseases like asthma, cancer and heart attack. Because there is poisonous gas in these air.

And our arteries will also have the wrong effect, which will lead to diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack.

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