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Essays on Mothers day celebration in English for childrens

Essays on Mothers day:- Mother’s day, we all believe in dedicating to our mother. On this day, we all agree with great joy and glee. Mother’s Day observes on the second Sunday of May every year. On this day, we all repeat the glory of Mother and congratulate them.

Mothers day essay short and long

Every child loves his mother very much, why not and should be. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, children are asked to write essay by their teacher in school. In this article, we have written simple essays on Mothers Day in different forms, from which you can choose any essay.

Mothers day essay 1 (100 words)

Mother’s Day is a very memorable day for the children and their mother. This day is very memorable for the students. For children, mother is very sweet. Mother’s day is celebrated in the memory of her, and what can be more happiness than this. This day is dedicated to all mothers around the world. This festival is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.
Children consider this day in front of their mother in their school or in their home. And to give love to this mother with love. Mother also lovingly touches the child’s head and gives blessings.

Essays on Mother’s day celebration in English for childrens

Mothers day essay 2 (150 words)

All mothers of the world are celebrated with respect to Mother’s Day and her motherhood is celebrated. This day is celebrated by children with great love on the second Sunday of May every year. This festival is celebrated in the school or public places.

All children start gathering from school in the morning. And mothers are invited one day before. Teachers also prepare students for the program with their activities.

Cultural programs are done in the school. Children participate in debate competition. Some children bring poetry or speeches in Hindi and English. Essay writing, some lines of conversation in Hindi and English, prepare speeches, etc.

On this day all the mothers go to their children’s school and are involved in this festival. To welcome all the mothers, the teacher also welcomed them with the help of children and decorated the classrooms.

Mothers day essay 3 (200 words)

Essays on Mothers day for all examinations

For a child, mother is everything, everyone knows this thing. And why not. Mother is a picture of Mamata. God blesses children for mother’s children. If a mother does not exist then he is not born.
Mother’s day every child celebrates her mother for honouring her motherhood. Mothers have a great responsibility towards children. According to the Hindi month, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Chaitra or the second Sunday in the month of May. Today, children express happiness on giving their mother’s greeting cards, special cards, etc. on Mother’s Day.

There is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole family. On this day, all the family members go out and say food and have fun. Mother also makes a dish of her choice for her child like Maggi, Chaumin, Kheer, Paneer, Malai etc.
After the festival, there is a program of dance songs too. Children participate in various types of debates such as essay writing, speech, poetry and oral conversation etc. Then those children are rewarded by the teacher by their mother’s hands. And thus it ends.

Mothers day essay 4 (300 words)

Every year in India, Mother’s Day celebrates the second Sunday of May, that is, May 12. On this day all the members of the family give gifts to mother and give a lot of greetings. For us mother is present everywhere all the time. By taking our birth to his last moment, he takes care of us as a small child. We cannot calculate their contributions in our lives.

Mother has the burden of many responsibilities; she constantly keeps her away without being tired. She is the only person whose job is free of unlimited time and work. We cannot refund anything to them instead of their contribution, although we can call them big thanks and at the same time, keep them in meditation with respect. We should give our mother love and respect and she must obey everything. This day is a day of great joy and happiness for both mother and children. Because the child offers some gifts to her mother.

My mother raises us early in the morning, and helps us in brush and bath too. Lunch again and prepares lunch for the school. In addition to dressing, let us go to school, help in home work, feed on time, give milk and fruits, give medicines at the right time on sickness and make a lot of delicacies, laundry and ironing, come home with us or Playing football in the field, making a good night at the right time, making good night’s cooking and doing a lot of activities make our life successful. In fact we cannot calculate the daily tasks of our mother. He works unlimited for us all day. All the members of the family are responsible only for all the tasks. That is why we can say that mother is great for all of us.

Mothers day essay 5 (400 words)

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