Unemployment essay for Students and teacher । 500+ words


Unemployment essay for Students and teacher । 500+ words

Unemployment is not only the state and the country but it is a big problem in the world. Essay on this topic is given by the teacher to the children to write in school. Then the children become confused. And think what this is?
So we are writing for children through this article. It will be in different words. You can read as per your requirement.

Long and short essay on Unemployment

Unemployment Essay in 100 words

What is unemployment? Have you ever thought? So now let’s start thinking. This is a very big problem. In order to find a solution, all the countries of the world, despite being united, have not reached any conclusion.

Unemployment means – without employment, which means that there is no occupation, that is, it is weak. Such people exist in every country of the world, not only in India.

Why do such people have no employment or occupation, why do they not want to work? No, they want to work, but do not get work accordingly.

Unemployment Essay in 200 words

This is the big problem of our country. It is a serious issue for any country. In this kind of problem, people do not get work to the best of their ability. This problem is not only for the educated people, but the farmers of our country are also vulnerable to it.

Some people also want to work but they do not get work. Because they are ignorant of the technology of the modern era. So they are unemployed.

The farmer of our country does not have work even for twelve months. They work only for six months and the remaining six months are useless.

If we talk about the youth of the country, they do not get work according to their merit even after taking good degrees. But when they have no scope, they work forcefully.

There are many reasons for unemployment due to which it is increasing day by day in our country. The Government of India also announces new opportunities for employment in its budget every year, but no success has been received in this direction.

300 Words Essay on Unemployment

Today there are many problems in the society, but the problem of unemployment is different among them. This problem is a big crisis for the family, society, state and country. People do not get work or even get work, but do not get it according to their capacity. This is unemployment.

There are many factors of this unemployment, such as: – Industrial revolution and the kurutis spread in the society. In olden days all the work was done by man, but now more and more work is done by machines, as a result these workers have become useless. And even today the work is done in the society from the old structure and many people are victims of Kurutis.

Education system is also its main reason. Education of our country is not suitable for employment. The education we receive does not work in our life.

Constant increase in population is also a hindrance in employment. Work is decreasing due to increasing population. Millions of people have become useless due to the arrival of computer, because a computer works alone as ten men.

Annadata of our country has also fallen prey to this. Farmers do not get work throughout the year. They only get a few months of work. Even today, they do not do farming in a scientific way. They do farming in the old traditional way.

The farmers of our country are illiterate, so they are unaware of the new and scientific method of farming. Farmers are poor due to which they are unable to buy new farming tools for themselves.

To tackle these problems, first of all, education system has to be reformed. The kurutis who are spread in the society have to be removed. People have to be educated. Only then will this problem be eradicated.

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