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Sports and games Essays for Student and kids |500+ words English

Essay on Sports and Games

The teacher teaches the child about the game in school. Children entertain themselves by playing various sports in school and college. Teachers are given to children to write essays on sports. So that it can be evaluated and understand the game well. I am writing essays on this topic in different ways which will be very beneficial for you all.

Long & Short Essay on Sports and Games

Essay on Sport 1 (100 Words)

A sport is a part of our life. Children love playing sports whether it is a boy or a girl. Everyone likes the game.

Each school has a different teacher of sports. The Government of India has also declared the game a subject because it has many benefits. Because sport leads to mental, physical, scientific, and intellectual development in children.

Games and exercise both are alternate to each other. Just like our body needs to exercise every day. In the same way, if you play any game, it will damage you. There is competition in sports in school. Therefore, all students must participate in this competition. If someone does not take interest in sports, then he is doing wrong.

Essay on Sport 2 (200 Words)

Sport is a physical activity. There are many types of sports like football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, Kabbadi, Ludo, etc. You play anyone sport daily you like, you play it every day, and one day you will become very strong.

At present, the Government of India has made sports mandatory in schools and colleges, so that the mental skills of students can be improved. Children and their parents should also encourage their children towards this.

There are many changes in your body through sports such as: – Reduction in obesity, improvement in health and fitness, development in mental level and many diseases of the heart also get rid of.

Sports are the cheapest and best way for physical and mental development. So we all should adopt it.

Sport and Physical Education

Essay on Sport 3 (300 Words)

A sport is a physical activity. When children start going to school, then the sports teachers introduce these children to the game. Then these small children are aroused interest in the game, then gradually the children gain confidence in the game.

Each of the schools has a large playground for play. The ground is set aside for every game. And the time is fixed for the game in schools. As time goes, the sports teachers reach the ground and guide the students.

Playing sports is very beneficial for health. Because of this, there is the physical development of children, health, reduce obesity, disease run away. This improves your health and well-being. Mental strength develops; concentration comes in the mind and brain. This makes mind in studies. By staying in a good company, the child learns discipline and good habits.

It helps in maintaining the physical and mental health of children. Playing regular sports helps to developmental skills and intelligence. It also improves children’s psychological skills. It brings inspiration, courage, discipline, and concentration. There is competition in sports in every school. Therefore, children play and participate in sports in schools is essential for their welfare.

Playing sports regularly protects children from many diseases and many troubles of body parts, especially from overweight, obesity, and heart diseases. Children should never be discouraged to play sports, rather they should be encouraged.

Therefore, we should connect sports with our health. The country will be healthy only if the children are healthy.

What is the importance of sports in student life?

Essay on Sport 4 (400 Words)

The game is like a school subject. We learn about the game in school. Sports teachers introduce us to different types of sports like football, cricket, hockey, kabaddi, etc.

Initially, we do not know the rules of these games. But the rules of these games remind us by writing in our game-teacher notebooks. And every day we are given time for one hour of play. There is a big playing field behind our school. The field has different dividends for football, cricket and hockey, and kabaddi.

Our game teachers are very good. He knows every game. Sometimes our school and other schools organize tournaments. At the time of competition, the teacher selects the student who plays well and gets them ready after working very hard, because if the match is lost, the honor is found in the soil.

In such a time, the Principal himself, along with the sports teacher, is present on the field, monitoring the activity of the player and getting it improved.

Exercise doing daily is the best source of good health. There is not much difference between sports and exercise. We are unable to exercise every day, so we should play sports. Exercise is as important for a healthy body as food and water are as important for a body.

Children are the future of the country. What will happen to the country if their health is not good? The Games are organized at the national and international levels by the government to encourage children and students to participate in sports and gain popularity through them.

So that the children pay special attention to the game. You cannot underestimate any sport because it can gain international fame by practicing, meditating, and working hard for it regularly.

You can also make your children’s a future with sports. In the coming days, we get to read such exploits in the newspaper.

The Government of India is also organizing sports at the international level. If an international level wins a medal, the country feels proud. Sports are encouraged and a sense of patriotism develops in the mind.

It helps in improving the physical and mental strength of the person as well as improves the economy and social strength of the country.

What is important in students’ life?

Essay on Sport 5 (450 Words)

A sport is a part of our body. The basic education that we will give to young children, it will catch its mind. Sports are not just an object of physical development. Nor is it only a means of time pass. It is also related to children’s studies. If you are good at sports, you will also get good sleep and will not distract your attention while studying.

Sports are essential for the development of children. This causes muscular and intellectual development in it. Good qualities develop in children. Children learn discipline. And many developments take place. The word game is pronounced by the school itself. Nowadays games have become very important.

The government is organizing various kinds of programs to give special attention to sports to the school children. She is doing this so that hidden talent emerges within the children. Then the name of the country will also be at the international level. Nowadays almost every country in the world organizes Olympic or Commonwealth Games every year in which players of all countries participate. And the country whose player wins more medals is equally praised.

Hockey is considered as the main national sport of our country. Major Dhyanchand has also raised India’s pride abroad.

If we are concerned about the future of children, then we will have to add sports to its routine, only then our child will be able to do something in the future.

Playing sports is also an art. It is played only under a rule and our sports teachers inform us about this rule.

Nowadays all schools or colleges have a separate teacher for sports. They inspire children to play. And makes four teams of children in school. And those four teams play differently; the team that plays well is called the best team of the school. Sometimes there is a match between students from one school to another. In such a time, she sends from the team selected by the teacher to play the game, which leads to more chances.

Students who give equal importance to sports as well as sports are often of acute intelligence. They are completely healthy with both body and mind. Sports keep him in good mental health. They are more agile than other students and they develop more human qualities like patience, tolerance, forgiveness.

Essay on Sport 6 (600 Words)


The history of sports is very old. Our ancestors also used to play sports. In the olden days, the King-Maharaja used to play the game for entertainment and competition. Hockey is the national sport of our country. This hockey team has brought laurels to India’s name in India and abroad. Sports are the cornerstone of student life. In this period all the good and bad habits assimilated have a permanent effect on human life. Children learn about the game from the school itself. After that, they get special information from their neighbors.

Types of Games or Sports

There are many types of games. And we can play these games either indoors or outdoors. To play the game, we need bigger grounds or more space like football, cricket, and hockey, etc.

There are some games that we can play sitting in the house like – chess, gambling, etc.

Beneficial of Games

Sports and exercise are the same. This causes a lot of changes in our bodies. Students who pay attention to sports are completely healthy both my body and mind. Sports keep him in good mental health.

The history of sports in our country is very old. The game was first given by the Greeks first. Many lyricists have also written lyrics on the game.

All the countries of the world are very conscious of the game. And every year some country organizes the Olympic Games. This leads to the exchange of culture and trade of the country. Tourist gets promoted.

There are many methods of exercise like yoga, dandi-sit, running, wrestling, swimming, etc. Playing is also a form of exercise. Football, Hockey, Volley Ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Cricket, etc. are the major sports of the country.

Sports teachers meet the Principal and discuss the improvement of children’s games and organize the games. The game leads to development in children’s level and adventure level. It builds confidence in him. Due to this, there is a complete mind in studies also.

Sports improve our mind concentration and make our mind alert and active. This helps to boost our confidence. Apart from the health benefits to the children, they can also choose sports as a career option.

A good game performance can make the country proud and emerge as the winner. . There were many players in India who made our country proud by their exceptional performance in international sports events and earned medals and trophies for the country.

You cannot consider any game to be simple. You can get everything from sports.

Conclusion: – Sports are a very important part of our life. That we learn in school. And it is used in every area of ​​our life. By playing, we can earn our name and money at the international level by making our careers. And you can increase the pride in yourself and your country.

Sports keep our body, mind, and body healthy.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We, therefore, need to fit your heart.

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