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Happy Rose Day 2020 Image, Quotes and Wishes for Your loved one

Rose Day 2020 an introduction

Rose day – Today is 7 February and Valentine’s Week starts today. This day is celebrated every year as Rose Day. This day is celebrated all over the world.

On this day, people express their love and feelings by giving a rose to their loved ones. The husband expresses love by giving a rose to his wife. A newly married bridegroom starts a new life by giving a rose to their newly married wife.

The lover gives a red rose flower to his girlfriend and expresses that we love you very much. The single man also proposes to her girl-friend by giving him a red rose. This day is the day of my boyfriend and girlfriend. You can also give a flower to anyone stranger as per your feelings.

People can express their feelings by proposing to him by giving presents and different types of flowers.  There are many types of rose flowers available – for examples-red, yellow and black. Red rose is a symbol of love. And the yellow rose expresses emotion and feelings. They express their love and feelings by giving each other by flower and present.

On seeing the given gift, it is guessed that what the person in front of us thinks about. On this occasion, different types of roses are available in the market and you can buy and present it.

The tradition of our country has been for centuries that a new relationship is started with a gift. And the flower of the rose is a romantic so that your life will always look like these flowers.

By the way, lovers express love in many ways such as hugging, shaking hands, and doing hag to each other. That week can also be called a week of love. Some people also celebrate Chocolate Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day.

Why we celebrate rose day

7 February is celebrated as Rose Day. People give gifts and roses to their parents, wife, and husband, boys and girls, Boyfriends to their girlfriends and unmarried and singles to their girlfriends and express love.

Life is a very beautiful and romantic period of life. If you waste their time never comes twice. This is a very exciting time for each other. Lovers love their girlfriend by filling them in their arms. This is the beginning of Valentine’s Week. In this week couples express feelings and love to their loved ones by heartily.

The first week of February begins with Valentine’s Week. And Rose day begins from 7 February. The first day is called Rose Day. The second day 8 February is called Propose Day.  The third day 9 February is called Chocolate Day. 10 February fourth day is called Teddy Day. 11 February is called promise day. 12 February is called Hug Day. 13 February is called Kiss Day and 14 February is called Valentine’s Day.

Kind of Rose Flower Expression

  • Rose is a symbol of great love. Each of its colors offers different meanings. Find the below mentioned.
  • White rose shows simplicity and fleshiness. If we want to say sorry to someone, then give it to him a white rose flower.

  • The yellow rose signifies friendship and love. You can give yellow roses to your wife. It makes it feel very close love to your heart and you don’t want to lose it.

  • If you are meeting an unknown person for the first time, then give him a pink rose. Pink rose is a symbol of friendship and humility.

  • Orange rose shows excitement and adoring. The red rose represents love. Offer it to the one you truly love. Generally, boys present red rose to girls to proposing her.

  • The black rose is a symbol of enmity, but you don’t have to give anyone, therefore your request is to forget the enmity and make friendship.

Rose Day Quotes
  • Life if barren without love.
  • A Garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day.
  • May God make your life as beautiful as these bunch of red roses.

फ़ुल खिलते रहे आपकी जिंदगी की राहो में, कदम कदम पर मिले

खुशियां आपको मेरा दिल देता है यही दुआ आपको !

अगर कुछ बनना है तो गुलाब के फ़ुल बनो

क्योकि ये फ़ुल उस के हांथ में भी खुशबू छोड देता है

जो इसे मसल कर फ़ेक देता है ।

Everyone loves the most beautiful girl,

But I love you my red rose,

As it’s you only who makes my life beautiful..

Happy Rose Day

Roses Are Beautiful Language Of Love,

What We Can Not Speak Roses Are Said.

This Rose For You With My Deep Love..

Happy Rose Day My Life..

You are Rose of My Dream ..

You are Rose of My Smile…

You are Rose of My Heart….

You are Rose of My Life…….

I want you to be with me….

Till the time there are stars in the sky,

till the time there is water in the ocean.


Your cute smile and your happy laughter attracted me to you,

but your caring loving heart is the reason, why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

May my sweetheart’s life be filled millions of reasons to smile?

May every day be a day worth looking forward to I’m sending you all my love With Roses.

This rose day I wish that all the thrones,

on the path of your life be vanquished,

and your life path is filled with petals of love.

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