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Raksha Bandhan essay for childrens in [500 words] – pst

Short essay on Raksha Bandhan in English

India is a country of festivals among them rakhi is one of them. Raksha Bandhan is a great festival of the Hindu religion. Raksha Bandhan means the bond of security.

People are known by many names like Rakhi Bandhan, Rakhi, Rakhi, Rakhi Purnima, or Defense Bandhan. Rakhi is a symbol of the true love of brother and sister. This festival is also celebrated in Mauritius and Nepal. On the day of Rakhi, the sister decorates a plate for her brother. On that plate, wait for the arrival of his brother by decorating Sindur, Kumkum, Rakhi, and Sweets. Brother also on this day from my sister.

Why we do celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

The festival of Raksha Bandhan has been running for centuries. On this day, sister builds Rakhi in the wrist of her brother’s right hand and asks for the brother’s long life and pray for God. Even brothers promise to protect their sister and give some money as a gift to sister.

What is meant by Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is made from Rakhi; it is a brief form of Rakhi. It reflects the love of a sibling. Rakhi is celebrated on Saavan Maas the full moon day. A sister ties a thread that is called rakhi on the brother’s right-hand wrist.

Is Raksha Bandhan is a Festival?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival. According to the belief of the Hindu religion, this sacred thread is a protective armor; the sister builds a colorful thread on her brother’s wrist, which is called Rakhi. However, nowadays there are many types of colorful and fancy handicrafts available in the market. That will enhance the beauty of the brother’s brotherhood.

Who Started Raksha Bandhan First?

When Bengal was partitioned in 1905, the people of both the Hindu and Muslim communities had advised each other to live with each other in love and brotherhood by starting the festival of poet Ravinder Nath Tagore Rakhi Mahotsav. And he also advised the external enemy whenever you attacked.

Raksha Bandhan Historical Importance

Many mythological and historical stories are prevalent in Rakhi.

What is the meaning of Rakhi – when the sister builds a sacred thread on her brother’s wrist, then the brother promises to protect her. According to a story in history, when Puru attacked India, the wife of Sikandar tied Rakhi in the hands of Puru and made her brother speak and took the promise of not killing Sikandar in the war. Then Puru kept Raki’s shame.

According to another legend, when BahadurShah attacked Mewad, the Queen was unable to fight Karnawati at that time, and then Mughal emperor Humayun had sent a rakhi to send Rakhi for protection. Although the Mughal emperor Humayun was a Muslim, he had respected Rakhi and protected his kingdom.

Raksha Bandhan mythological story

According to a religious legend, the Asuras attacked the Indra king Indra and there was a fierce battle between Asur and Deities in this war.

In this war, when the gods began to crush, Indra’s wife Shashi built a protector on her right-hand wrist of her husband, and then the victory of Gods was done. That saawan was only on full moon day.

According to the second religious narrative, when King Bali sacrificed 100 devotees after God pleased Lord Vishnu then Lord Indra became disturbed that my state would now be disrupted.

Then Lord Vishnu approached Lord Vishnu and requested for some remedy, Lord Vishnu then took the king Bali as a gift of three boats and measured it.

And God got himself trapped in this boon, and then at the behest of Narad, Lakshmi Ji freed God from this by tying a protective formula on the wrist of the right hand of Bali. That day also was Savannah Purnima.

Raksha Bandhan story of Krishna and Draupadi

When Krishna slaughtered Shishu Pal from Sudarshan Chakra, his index finger hurt in a finger. Draupadi had torn his sari’s pallu at that time and bandaged his finger on that day and that day was also the full moon day of Shravan month. Lord Krishna reversed this favor afterward, after raising his sari at the time of ripening.

Raksha Bandhan Mahabharat reference

According to the preceding Hindu texts of the Mahabharata, when the eldest Pandav son Yudhishtir asked Lord Shri Krishna how I can cross all the crises, then Lord Shri Krishna advised celebrating the festival of Rakhi to protect his and his army. Was. He said that this silk thread of Rakhi is the power by which you can get rid of every objection.

Raksha Bandhan conclusion

Raksha Bandhan is a sacred bond of brother and sister, which is coming from birth and birth. Rakhi is very important all the way. When Rajputs and Kshatriya kings went to fight, their women also seemed to have a good tilak on their forehead and they also tied silk thread in their hand because they believed that this thread would win them.

There is a whole and laughing atmosphere on this day. All wear new clothes. Festivals of Rakshabandhan our country has become a festival of protection, on this day young princes of our country, go to the President’s office and the President prepares Rakhi and women to send a message to the security forces to protect our country. Thus, the festival is a symbol of mutual brotherhood.

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